Sunday, January 11th, 2009
Issue: 108   Editor: Mikamon

Buzz Contest Results Part Two Mikamon

We've seen three weeks of car buying and selling. Players who wanted to make some easy money put their cars up for sale, hoping people that participated in the Buzz Contest would buy them. Many of them did, resulting in hopes that got up but were crushed down as it turned out they had bought a 'fake car'.

With the introduction of the new Kill feature, players that might have bought a winning car got killed, resulting in cars being lost and new cars being put up for sale. However, after three weeks, all cars have been sold and the winner of the grand prize of $200,000,000 is known.

The lucky player to earn this huge amount of cash was Galadriel. By buying a Comet that was for sale in Nevada for $50,000, the prize was earned. The price itself may not be so straightforward at first. However, the price isn't terribly high, which was the case for all cars and thus explains the first hint. If one used Google with the search key 'Christmas numbers', the first hit is a site of the CNN with Christmas numbers, including the number 50,000. The site ( 50,000: The typical number of letters the post office at Nuuk, Greenland, receives each year addressed to Santa Claus, or Father Christmas. Santa's helpers at the post office pledge to reply to every letter.

Also, there still is a second price to be claimed. The player that bought a Stutz in New Jersey for 3,112 with the plate MI-1DPGQ may contact me to claim their $70,000,000.

Congratulations to Galadriel for winning $200,000,000! Hopefully you will use the money wisely. The Buzz would also like to thanks Moderator VooDooDoll for her donation to this contest, allowing us to double the prices.