Sunday, January 11th, 2009
Issue: 108   Editor: Mikamon

CD & Absolute Zero wiped! OvermindEV2

On Monday 5 January, the crew CD & Absolute Zero got wiped by EagleV11.
The Buzz caught up with EagleV11, and he kindly provided us with information about his shooting.

“Around 650,000 bullets were used, not only for Absolute Zero, but also for a few N.Riches,” Eagle told the Buzz. He added, “with the new bullet formula, you need a lot more bullets than before. Specially if it was a higher rank than you are.” He also gave us information on who organized the shootings.”

“We targeted Absolute Zero, because last time they were on the statistics, they targeted two of our Bullet Factory’s,” Eagle said. “This was a perfect time to payback. And of course to test the new killing system.” He added “the new killing system, it is pretty new for what we used to do before, it was good to do, but it took a long time between each kill, each time you get busted you need points to bail yourself out, to continue the shootings. But even bailing yourself out of jail, it still took a long time between each kill.”

“I sold the crew spot to Subroday, who brought back his crew from a few resets ago. We wish hem best of luck.”
Eagle concluded his interview with, “I can’t think of anything to add yet. But if we own someone a shooting, then be sure than he, she, they, will get it sooner or later. And I’m happy to go back to my main spot in Eternal Labyrinth.”