Sunday, January 11th, 2009
Issue: 108   Editor: Mikamon

Is the busting feature really busted? ReturnOfTheButters

Recently there's been alot of 'uproar' on the bust feature. Suddenly, after a few reply's by admins and mods, there were no more topics about 'Busting is way too hard!' I've been known for being an active buster in the game. (perhaps for some other things aswel) I've always had my first busts after a 100 busts failed or even at 150 busts failed. After I have been killed on my previous account named : ButtersTP I've decided to start Arm wrestling ofcourse I were busting also. This time I had my first succes on 33 busts failed. I had come to the discovery that the Arm Wrestling feature, located at ->Actions section, does actually work at becoming better at busting. After I've reached the second rank in AW named : Lightweight. My total busts succes went up in a fast way. We've all seen the, now almost famous, quote by Sabin : Playing all aspects of the game has just become more important than ever! I haven't tried to kill anyone yet and see if this works also but we all know that Crimes are needed for Auto Burglary and perhaps this goes for the ''Actions'' section I'm not quite sure if this also works for the bust feature. Perhaps I was just lucky. I do like to hear response from the readers of the buzz and see what they have to say about this. I will, ofcourse, update my findings daily in a text document and see what happens with your bust counts. Perhaps this is the missing link for the active busters of today!