Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Issue: 121   Editor: Nyxxie

New Crew: The Regiment iLuMP

As you know, when one crew leaves the stats, another replaces them. Unfortunately, on Tuesday the 7th of April, we had to bid farewell to a recent crew, The Seven Hills. However, the crew was replaced by none other than The Regiment. The Buzz got in touch with its boss, DawnOfTheNed.

We started by asking DawnOfTheNed how he obtained the spot. I have to thank Trojan for this, DawnOfTheNed said. Adding, he bought the spot from The Seven Hills for a total of 500 points! The Buzz then inquired into how their name came about. DawnOfTheNed said, I bought the same crew from Coastie around a year ago. This was what he named it; I thought it was really good so I stuck with it. Next, we wanted to know the crews plans now they were on the stats. The short yet sweet response given by DawnOfTheNed was, We just plan to stay there!

We then followed up this unconvincing statement by asking if he was worried about being insided or targeted as other crews had been the previous week. No, Im not that worried, explained DawnOfTheNed, before adding, I trust all of my members fully. After that confident reply, we asked about the crews recruiting status; Who and what were they recruiting? At the moment we are only recruiting old members, but nonetheless, keep your eyes on the crew profile for changes! We concluded this interview with DawnOfTheNed by asking if he had any other comments. He informed us that The Regiment are here to stay this time!

With that, we would like to thank DawnOfTheNed for his time and his quick responses, and The Buzz wishes The Regiment the best of luck. Is DawnOfTheNed right to be so confident about staying on the stats? Stay tuned to find out!