Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Issue: 121   Editor: Nyxxie

Rocket Pocket is my Thing iXVI

As money grows inside the Bootleggers community, people are looking for more ways to spend all their wealth. One of the most popular things to spend your well earned money on is Poker; but what is the real deal with this magic card game where you donít play against one player, but against three others?

We have lots of ways to spend our money. Without doubt, gambling is number one. We have Blackjack, Keno, Race Track, Roulette and of course the Slot Machines. With all of these we play versus one person, the owner of the casino. Another one that we can play is War, where you play versus the Bootleggers bank itself. Yet we have the Bootleggers Lottery as well, where you buy tickets and try to win a huge amount by just being lucky. The last one not mentioned yet is Poker; a simple card game where you face three other players and can bet basically every amount you wish. Whether that is a small $50.000 Organized Crime profit or $50.000.000 Keno profit, it does not matter, as long as other people join you with the right amount. With that in mind, you may think a lot of money circulates around at the poker tables.

Click on Poker in the game menu and you will see people creating and joining tables all the time, no matter what time you are playing Bootleggers. Lots of players simply play for fun, whether this be with the huge amounts or just as tiny as a peanut. ďI believe Poker is the best feature ever been put in Bootleggers and you will never get bored playing it,Ē ArsenalFTWv2 told the Buzz. Some people play because itís simply a mind game. One of those players is iBlackStreet who said, ďWith poker you gain more power and control with what you do,Ē as of course itís not a 50/50 game. Everything is in your own control and it is possible to gain control over the other players. You raise the money on the table, but will they play with you or simply leave the table? Or perhaps they try to take over the control by even raising your bet. Whatever you do and whatever two cards the game gave you to begin with, you wonít know what cards your opponents have and what they are trying to do until the end of the game.

When you ever played Poker within Bootleggers, you will see that the current system is made very simple and very friendly for every person. Still, some people think it could be improved a lot. Between everything you have to do, you will have 60 seconds to think about your next action. How long is 60 seconds? If you are watching the table all the time and do nothing else, it can take ages. It will feel you are playing one hand in 60 hours. When you are doing Crimes and Auto Burglaries in the mean time, or even something outside Bootleggers, time flies by and 60 seconds could be too short, resulting in you forgetting about the game or returning back to it too late.. Doing Crimes and Auto Burglaries gives you the risk you are put in jail. Prison is far away from the casino so itís impossible to watch the table from over there and so you could lose, simple because you canít reach your cards.

Another thing is that some people think you should be able to choose how many players you are playing. Four players arenít enough? Letís try six or eight, or perhaps even more? Others just want to play against a friend and would like to have set a password on their table or simply invite someone to play with you.

However while we never see Administrators playing Poker, we may assume that at least one of them does sometimes in private. Sabin only changes around the cards when playing with friends (assuming he has a bad hand), so the rest of you are safe!