Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Issue: 121   Editor: Nyxxie

The Buzz Mini Egg Hunt! Nyxxie

Although we are not continuing our Egg Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza, we are doing a mini form of such. If you are in the mood to win some awesome prizes, it's time to run around looking into accounts!

The Game
It is your job to find the five eggs hidden within banned and killed players profiles. The eggs, exact to the one below, will be in five accounts and you will have no riddle leading to them. You must simply just... hunt! Get your friends and crew mates to help, the prize will be well worth the efforts and large enough to evenly distribute amongst the helpers!

The Egg

The Rules
Only one prize per player. You cannot win two prizes or find more than one hidden egg. The first to find each one will win the prizes listed below. The winners will be announced in next week's issue. To submit your entry, CLICK ‘BOOTLEGGERS BUZZ’ LINK, SCROLL DOWN, CLICK THE FIRST DROP DOWN MENU AND CLICK ‘CONTEST ENTRY,’ ADD YOUR OWN ACCOUNT NAME AND THE ACCOUNT NAME YOU FOUND THIS EGG ON! Do not bootmail myself or Mika; doing this will get you disqualified immediately. Only one winner per hidden egg, so posting the names of those accounts with the eggs will not help others and if you are found doing so, you will be disqualified as well. Winners will be dupe checked. When winners are announced, they are to Bootmail Nyxxie and set up a time to start escrow.

The Prizes
The First Egg to be found: $100,000,000 and 100 points.
The Second Egg to be found: $50,000,000 and 50 points.
The Third Egg to be found: $25,000,000 and 50 points.
The Fourth Egg to be found: $10,000,000 and 50 points.
The Fifth Egg to be found: 50 Points.
A random winner: $50,000,000.

Good Luck!