Sunday, May 10th, 2009
Issue: 125   Editor: Mikamon

New Crew: The Blood Pact OvermindEV2

In this issue of the Buzz we saw the spot of Gentlemen of Fortune drop down of the statistics. A one his dead is another his bread as some people say. With that we welcome a very new crew, The Blood Pact. We caught up with Dextromethorphan to ask him some questions relating to his new crew.

Our first question to him was, for how much he had bought the crew spot. He told us, “I Purchased from Hitler himself with seven-hundred points.” He added, “The Blood Pact was founded underground about five weeks ago. We've been on the rise ever since then, only being held back rank-wise with several unnecessary encounters involving casinos. Definitely an opportune time to take the crew; with our without force. We were waiting for a chance so we seized what was there.”

Since The Blood Pact is a new crew, we asked Dextromethorphan what it stands for, does he intend to be peaceful, or is his crew here for rampage? Dextromethorphan said, “Our goal as a crew is to have fun, and help our members achieve as much as they can, in a friendly environment. When we were underground, our main goals were to recruit active, loyal, and experience players -and of course to get on the stats.” Since you are on the statistics now, have those goals changed? He added, “Now that we are on the stats, our goal is to build a good reputation and earn respect for our self and our members.” Our last question. Are you recruiting, or will you be recruiting in the near future? If so, what will the standards be? He told us, “Currently we are focusing on getting our UG members inside; recruiting will, as you said, be a future task.”

The Buzz would like to thank Dextromethorphan for his time and wishes him and his crew the best of luck on Bootleggers. New crews sometimes cause quite some excitement, and we are eager to see how this new crew will do on the everchanging statistics.