Sunday, April 8th, 2007
Issue: 18   Editor: iAir

Attack on Revelation whitestar

Suddenly there where RIP topics all over the Game Forum and the statistics where filled with Don kills. What did all those Dons had in common? They where all in the same crew: Revelation.

Everyone must have seen it and otherwise you will have heard about it. Revelation has been attacked and all Dons in the crew where killed. The attack was done by the crew Aftershock. Converting 22.740 points into 1.137.000 bullets the shooter, ShizzlerV2 attacked Revelation as an act of revenge. Right after the shootings a Game Forum topic was created which included a reason for the kills: They f***** with my Brothers xHype And MobMan.

So the initial attack was done because Revelation had harmed the Zombie Brothers.
One of the people that had been avenged, Hype, said “Mobman was accused of shooting some Revelation members. He did not want to shoot them but when they shot at him he decided to return fire and kill some Revelation members.”

In a response on those kills, Revelation shot xHype and Mobman. Which resulted in Hype losing his slots. “Because of this, Zombie, my brother, me and Mobman just gave them a little bit of revenge,” said Hype
And so they did, shooting all Dons in Revelation. But why all Dons and not all Don+ members? Hype told me the following when I asked him that: “We where going too. We had the funds but thought it would take too long, so we ended up agreeing on shooting Don members. We may have missed one or two because they might have ranked.”

However, off course Revelation cannot let this happen to them, stand and do nothing. Confirmed by Carlito, Revelation immediately swore to avenge the deaths. “Nothing special, it´s a monthly thing here such attacks, not the first and definitely not the last,” he said. “It gives us more medals in our Death Club. But it seems this was done as we killed 2 bosses of Aftershock after one of them killed 3 members here, so now we can just use some bullets to kill more.”
He also added, “We will kill soon as stated in that reply as well.”

But how soon would Revelation be able to strike? Because after this, they weren't done yet. When everyone thought this was over, TheDaddy released a devastating attack on Revelation, killing all members. However fortune was on Revelation's side this time. The only person that was left alive in the crew, the holder, decided to give the crew back to Revelation.

Off course TheDaddy wasn't pleased with this and he announced that, “Revelation would be attacked again. So they would never have a Don+ member that could hold a property," so he stated on his profile. But then something happened that no one had seen coming.

The revival of everyone that had been killed by TheDaddy was when the confusion arose. BSF2000 appeared online and revived the killed but soon people found out why he had revived the people that fell victim to TheDaddy's attack. Right after that people started making topics about Revelation have the "Moderators in their pockets." But soon the real reason became known to some players who told it to the entire community. It seemed that BSF2000 hadn't received money for the points TheDaddy bought with his Credit Card.

TheDaddy himself stated this on his profile, “Maybe BSF didn't RIP us off! Apologies to Revs about 'mods in the pockets' and all that, but it seems the credit card company thought it was a fiddle as so many transactions were going through as far as I know they tried to check if the merchant number was correct and got no reply from BSF so they canceled all the orders on my card for the last two weeks. I got ALL my money spent on points back! Hardyz did not spend much but what he did spend he will have to get his card owner to complain or BSF should reimburse him the points! I knew we weren't cheating, hacking or duping and BSF can confirm all this to you. It was a stupid, supposed to be helpful, credit card company action which messed up the whole plan.”

So in the end, some bad luck might have saved Revelation from being wiped since they where left pretty weak after the attacks.

Even Carlito was surprised and said: “When the transactions were taken back by the CC company, BSF, of course revived as he didn´t get any money for those points, fully reasonable. What would be the strange thing here is why didn´t the CC company just contact TheDaddy to confirm that it was him?”

Carlito also made a statement expressing some of his hopes that he has regarding being revived. “I just wish he would do this to all the ones that get killed unfairly, by dupes, bought accounts or otherwise against the TOS.” he said.

So, two attacks on Revelation in a very short period of time. One resulting in the death of all their Dons and a second resulting in being wiped. However this second one was made undone by BSF2000. But no fear! TheDaddy isn't defeated. He also said: “LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I HAVE ALL THE MONEY BACK TO DO IT AGAIN!”
Carlito was right when he said, “Nothing special, it´s a monthly thing here such attacks, not the first and definitely not the last.”