Sunday, April 8th, 2007
Issue: 18   Editor: iAir

TS takeover, Fact or Fiction? DejaVu

If you answered fact, well, you are wrong.

April Fools Day was getting boring on BL and it was the birthday of Aurora (Eos), who as you all know is a boss of The Supremacy. We decided it was time to give BL a few laughs. A few ideas were thrown around until we agreed on a fake crew takeover. Without a warning, all of the TS members were kicked, profiles and the crew page were updated and then came the game forum post. TS was going to war with WHG and we were taking them over. Some people didn't believe it but quite a few did. Within minutes both mine and Aurora's boxes were full of BMs, about 30 MSN windows were open and the threats were flying. Searches were started and words continued to fly. This went on for about an hour until it was time to give the joke up. We didn't want anyone to die, we just felt like trying to bring a few laughs to BL players. Maybe it was corny, maybe it was funny, but the truth is that it made all of BL interesting for an hour on April Fools Day!