Sunday, April 29th, 2007
Issue: 21   Editor: MsNyxxie

Crew Of The Week - The Invisibles Clovis

Greetings fellow Bootleggers,

As a recent addition to the Bootleggers Buzz team, I have decided to try and add an interesting new series to the weekly Bootleggers Buzz - The Crew of the Week! In these articles, I will speak with the leaders of each of the ten crews whom wish to participate, and attempt to get a grasp on how each of these bosses run their crews, and what kind of things that they do in different scenarios. What am I attempting to accomplish? Well, for those of you who are crew less, or are looking for a new crew to become apart of, this may give you an idea of which crew may be right for you. Each week I will focus on the prerogative of being a crew boss and it's advantages, how the crews do their recruiting, what they would do if their crew was under attack, and anything else the boss would like to add about their crew. With these articles, I will try and bring out the uniqueness in each crew, and try and give you all an idea as to some of the difficulties of running a Bootleggers crew. This week's article will be featuring The Invisibles!

Bosses: Browneyes, HimmelX, Alatariel
Maximum Capacity: 50
Current Members: 48
Recruiters: None, recruitment is done by the bosses.
Crew Tax: $105,000 a week.
Necessary Rank: Not Required.
Necessary Wealth: Not Required.

The Invisibles originally belonged to Browneyes and Sweetie. Browneyes had purchased this crew with the profits she made from being one of the first Bosses, allowing her to create a crew for Event Horizon. She sold that crew to BettyB and then purchased herself the current crew spot of The Invisibles, resulting in profit, of course. A rough draft of what is now The Invisibles was at this born. Soon after The Invisibles began recruiting members, Browneyes invited Alatariel, former under boss of the notorious Gambino Family if she would like to merge into The Invisibles, along with any of her fellow Gambino Family members. Alatariel agreed to this merging, and now The Invisibles had the power of two crews! Not long after this supreme combination was formed, HimmelX had shown interest in purchasing this crew, with intent for the return of The Penthouse. After a few days of offering and such, Browneyes decided that it would be best for an overall merge between The Penthouse and The Invisibles, and invited HimmelX and his gang into The Invisibles.

The recruiting of The Invisibles is rather strict. Their policy is that any applicant must be known and trusted by at least two of the three crew bosses. The crew bosses then all consult each other regarding the acceptance of the applicant, and if there is even the slightest doubt that this member will be loyal, they will not be allowed into The Invisibles.

Problematic Members:
The Invisibles uses a warning system with problematic members. A warning is generally given prior to the person being kicked, yet if the misbehavior continues, that member is withdrawn from the crew. The rules in The Invisibles are rather simple. You must respect all other players, of course. You also must not beg, scam, or kill anybody above Thug or anybody in a crew without permission of one of the bosses. You also "must be naked" in The Invisibles, joked Alatariel. "My favorite part" agreed HimmelX. Whether or not they were actually kidding, I was unable to gather!

When I asked The Invisibles what they thought made them unique, other than the fact that they like to run around naked, they said that they were unique because at one point, they had nearly all of the Help Desk Operators in their crew. They also currently have five State Dons, including the first two players to achieve that rank, and possibly the first Nation Don. The Invisibles are a very peaceful crew unless provoked. When a situation arises, The Invisibles take action quickly, as they have presented in the past. The Invisibles is also most likely one of the only crews in which the crew bosses know each and every single one of the members personally.

Overall, The Invisibles contain some of the friendliest people on Bootleggers. HimmelX and Alatariel willingly provided me with all of the information I needed to create this first issue of Crew of the Week. From what I have personally seen, The Invisibles have to be one of the only crews who are very, very friendly at all times, yet act quickly and swiftly whenever necessary. If you mess with The Invisibles, you usually have about five minutes to live!

Thank you for reading this first issue, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a boot mail. A big thanks to HimmelX and Alatariel for their participation in this mission!