Sunday, April 29th, 2007
Issue: 21   Editor: MsNyxxie

Nohau, Sabin and a Door. darkenedorb

The almost peaceful hums of the Bootleggers' servers gave their last goodbye to Nohau this week as BSF2000 gave him his marching orders. In true ‘The Apprentice’ “You’re fired” style, BSF2000 dismissed the man whose red jacket has shone for many years. But amongst the rumors and accusations, one name always seems to rise out of the wreckage; Sabin. Is the dismissal of Nohau, Sabin's latest attempt to gain full control of Bootleggers? Are we in the middle of the battle of an ever-growing ego, or a man who wants what is best for the game we play so passionately?

The hitlist, which being a prominent feature in Bootleggers since its creation, hosted the price tag for an administrator on Wednesday. Shock and intrigue swept through Bootleggers as people slowly realized Nohau had been hitlisted by Sabin for $50 million. $50 million is the price for a man's devout service it appears. BSF2000 didn’t kill, ban or delete Nohau; he gave Sabin the right to do as he wished. Sabin had, in theory, fired Nohau on the spot in the gossip arena that is Bootleggers. However, on, Sabin denies firing Nohau, claiming "To clarify, I did not fire Nohau. BSF did. I just took care of the in-game side of things." What was guaranteed, no matter who fired Nohau and whether or not Sabin had persuaded BSF2000, is that Nohau died. The Killer, Grace, told the Buzz that "If Nohau had been active at all I may have felt differently about it, but it was an inactive account, just another scum, sorry if that disappoints anyone... However the fall out from it, was another story. Should perhaps of expected that, but didn't."

During Wednesday, any hopes and dreams of Nohau staying were shattered when Sabin made a forum post explaining how Nohau had said he quit, so he and BSF2000 fired him. Shock and dismay erupted however when Nohau made an account named nohau1 and replied to Sabin's post. He explained how his Nohau account was locked out and that if BSF2000 ever needed help he had personal contact details, including his mobile (cell) phone. When reading Nohau’s reply, it was most evident that he was annoyed by the situation. It is here that the story ends and where the bootleggers community has to wait and see what else happens. The dismissal of Nohau does allow some key questions to arise such as, do we need another administrator? Nohau had been missing in action over the last few months, yet the game continued on. One thing that can be said though is whether or not players liked Nohau. That at one time he provided an excellent service for Bootleggers, and part of him will live forever in the historic BL Hall of Fame.