Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

Can You Hear Me Now? DejaVu

On Thursday morning, I logged onto Bootleggers like I usually do after I arrive at work. I posted an ad to try and find an OC and within a couple of minutes I had a few offers. The first looked fine so I clicked the reply button. That’s when I noticed something different. The top of the screen now said, “NOTE: The reply message text is currently unavailable.” What did this mean? Why was I receiving this strange message? Surely, this wasn’t a new feature on Bootleggers?

That’s when I took a trip to the Game Forum to look for an explanation to this new message. In a matter of seconds I had found the answer. This had all started because a new hack was introduced into the Bootleggers community. This was not a profile hack, but could be implemented into a profile, JorisSequel kindly explained. For now the hack was being used in the form of a message. Players all around Bootleggers were receiving normal looking messages. When they clicked the reply button, the normal reply was changed to 'send.php' file, which redirected users to a porn site and placed their accounts into a vacation status.

Sabin went to work quickly to try and correct this issue. Although he didn’t have access to the original code, he wrote a new script for sending messages and posted it. After learning of this update, I attempted to send a message but got the following error, “* Your message is too short!” Again, Sabin went back to work and very shortly after posted an announcement in the game forum stating, “It’s 99% functional, and shouldn’t have any bugs.”

At this point players could now safely send replies again. Sabin was kind enough to provide us with an explanation of his fix stating, “It should now work properly, except that the Original Message text isn’t present in replies. This will be added once I can ensure that the code is hack-free.” With the fix in place, Sabin went to work on the next task, removing the victims from vacation. All of the known users who were hacked, now had their accounts back. At 8:09 PM on BL time, Sabin brought us our final update with the following, "Everything should be working 100% properly now. Please report any bugs. Thank you for your patience."

With that being said, thank you Sabin for all of your hard work to correct this issue! For the rest of you, if you know someone who was hacked by this, please send a ticket to the Help Desk under the category “Hacked!” Make sure you provide the Moderators and Administrators with the name of the account that was hacked and any other information you have about it. Please do not Bootmail members of the Elite Guard about the issue.

In case of future hacks, we at the Bootleggers Buzz would like to offer the following advice to you! If you ever find yourself getting logged out randomly, please log back in as soon as you can and change your password. If you act quickly, you can sometimes prevent a full hack by doing this, but it won’t always help.