Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

Crew Of The Week - The Secrets of The Supremacy! Numpty

Greetings Bootleggers,

Welcome back to the Crew of the Week. I hope you all had an excellent week! The highly anticipated second issue of the Crew of the Week has finally arrived, after a rather unexciting week... so now I shall turn you over to what The Supremacy had to share with me about their crew. Once again, many thanks go out to their leader Eos for taking the time to conduct an interview with me.

Bosses: Aurora (Eos), Riserva, Pannu
Maximum Capacity: 100
Current Members: 96
Recruiters: SyNnIsTeR and the High Council.
Crew Tax: $105,000 a week.
Necessary Rank: Not Required.
Necessary Wealth: Not Required.

The Supremacy was established on one exciting day when the infamous Jordan and some of his allies had attacked and taken over yet another crew spot. Having claimed another crew spot, Jordan decided to sell. Aaron and Senz came forth to Eos and Riserva prior to these shootings and asked if they were interested in soon purchasing a crew. Being really good friends, they all decided that they were very much so interested in becoming an official crew. They threw around offers and such, and eventually came forth with the proposition of the bosses being Senz and Aaron, and the rest of the council consisting of Riserva, Eos, and Pannu. All of the involved submitted various amounts of points towards the spot, and thus a very rough draft of The Supremacy was born. Not long after the crew was established, Aaron and Senz bid The Supremacy adieu, leaving Eos, Riserva and Pannu as the leaders of The Supremacy.

The Supremacy insists that their recruiting policy be very strict, as it's hard to know who to trust these days. Any and all applicants must be in possession of two or three vouches from crew members before they are even given any sort of acknowledgment. If an applicant acquires the three vouches, he will be sent an application. After the application form is filled out, the results are posted on the crew forums and the members are given the opportunity to share anything they know or think about the applicant and vote upon his acceptance into the crew. If the majority of the crew decides that they like the applicant, the recruiter as well as a member of the high council conduct an interview with him or her for one final opinion. This interview consists of very deep and intricate questions, which are not contained in the application. The interview is then graded and if the applicant passes, they are admitted into The Supremacy. All members are given a two week probationary period upon acceptance, in which time they are closely monitored and given only one chance to prove themselves worthy!

Problematic Members:
The punishments inflicted by The Supremacy's high council upon unruly members seems to depend upon the severity of the rule violation. Generally, they give a warning such as "STFU Everybody!" before taking any action, but if somebody persistently goes and breaks all kinds of rules, evidently action is taken with no questions asked. The Supremacy is a very peaceful crew in general, and it seems that every time a problem occurs, they see both sides of the story before taking any kind of action. A few things that The Supremacy are intolerant of are scamming, stealing cars from other crews, ect. If they receive any type of report of these happenings, members are kicked upon notification.

The uniqueness of The Supremacy is what makes them so interesting. They possess many questionable attributes which Eos seemed unashamed to share with me. First of all, they have a crew "Billy Buttlove" and a "Kinky Kitten", which I dared not ask them to get into too deeply. I did however discover that the "Billy Buttlove" was surprisingly somebody other than Pannu! Every crew member is assigned one of these interesting nick names, which are the only names allowed to be used to address somebody on the crew forum. They also are a very entertainment-oriented crew that hosts many contests and games and such on the crew forum frequently. They have an informal crew forum, that consists of very off topic discussions, which I made sure also to try not to get into specifically.

The Supremacy are a few that are here to have fun, period. Built upon nothing other than power, respect, and entertainment, The Supremacy surely in my mind would be considered one of the most fun crews to be apart of on Bootleggers, as having fun is what the majority of the members of The Supremacy are here to do. The family-like aspect of The Supremacy allows them to have a great time, but also gives them the opportunity to be serious when absolutely necessary.