Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

October has passed. Roll on Sparta! iRetributei

9:10am Bootleggers Time.
As the mist slowly begins to rise over the monotony of another Bootlegging day, and as each player begins to acknowledge the day ahead, a day of crimes, OC's and GTA's, the early morning mechanical sounds of the PHP script gearing up, preparing to drive the unenthusiastic drone of similarity. It has been days, almost weeks since any sign of real life, other than the programmed repressiveness of the hours passing minor events, yet there was an eerie aura of difference. A break in the still air, a millisecond of change. The lake of life ripples, and events soon to be unraveled, soon to change the core existence of a group of players...

9:11am. The significance of the time irrelevant? Either way, a single topic posted in classifieds sets the scene. It's mere title enticing excitement, a flurry of wonder, and the speed of those posting inside it.
'Crew for Sale'
With only 10 crew spots available and member entry stricter than ever, pressure has been on for a shift in crew control, and now, that shift has occurred, a break in harmony.
Wanderer, the California State Don, and owner of 'White October' a crew we have seen on our statistics page for many weeks now, has decided to sell up, to the highest bidder of course.
An unprecedented move by the Crew Boss, with no warning, other than a subtle hint in a previous topic about crew prices.

The bids came fast and high. By 13:45:59pm BL time, there were four serious bids, and I mean serious, with thousands of points at stake, the bids would have to be.
Each bidder, a big name in the Bootleggers community, wanting to make a name for themselves as crew bosses.

We have a 8k offer. (xWalkingdreamx)& (PassionZ)
We have a 6,6k offer. (TSW)
We have a 6k offer. (BabbaX)
We have a 6k bid. (MrMilton)

8,000 points being offered for a single crew spot, incredible prices, but as some would say, crew spots are priceless?

However, in a shock decision, the crew was sold to long time member xYoun and previous owner of TSW (The Spartan Warriors) whom unsuspectingly dropped in the highest bid right at the death in a adrenaline pumped auction. However, the member size dropped massively to only 35 members, seemingly those whom the new owner deemed fit to stay within the crew.

Finally, at around 3:30pm Bl time, the crew picture changed to 'Loyal Spartans' verifying rumors of a return of The Spartan Warriors.
I managed to catch up with the previous owner, Wanderer, and had a few questions for him;

Firstly, what made you sell Wo?
Mostly real life issues, so thats all I'm going to say.

What are your hopes for that crew spot in the future?
I hope xYoun will turn it into something nice.

Do you have anything to say to your loyal crew members?
Yes, thank you! Thank you very much, it were you girls and guys who turned it into something beautiful.

Will you ever own a crew again?
At the moment, my answer is 'no'. But I would never have believed people at the beginning of this reset if they said I would own one this round.

xYoun purchased the crew, what made you sell it to him?
He was my RHM, his offer was nice, why not sell to someone who has been working for your crew and who has proved he can manage a crew in the past?

I also had a quick chat with xYoun, the new owner of the previous White October, and now, The Spartan Warriors;

Firstly, what made you put in a bid, at seemingly the last minute?
We have been planning on returning on the stats since a few days. The old White October Bosses decided to sell the crew today and whe took our chance.

Can we ask how much you paid for the crew?
Around 8k points

What are your plans for the crew in the future?
The plans for our future are simple; to build up a stable crew as TSW once used to be. From there we will set ourself new goals.

And so, as we come into the evening on Bootleggers, or here in the Uk, towards the end of the day, one of the longer lasting crews being sold onto TSW and the harmony that once stood, now shaken slightly.
However, todays event begs the question...Can we expect to see more twists such as this? And will the coming of one new crew make any difference to the Bootleggers world?

- iRetribute