Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

Revelation WIPED! Numpty

Two O'clock in the morning Bootleggers time tonight marked the end of the line for Revelation's ownership of crew spot number three. As the forums were slightly dying, and players began going offline to sleep, Bootleggers all around were surprised to find themselves barraged with witness statements!

This attack, lead by Spine, DBH of The DogPound and Tommy2Guns came very unexpected. As Revelation doubted the power of DBH on the forums all day, little did they expect for him and his gang to be able to pull of a complete crew wipe, killing over fifty players, including State Don Sweetie, using 1,900,000 total bullets. This temporarily left Revelation without a crew spot, until HimmelX managed to kill the only player left in Revelation and drop the crew. One of the two shooters involved in this massacre, billy2bobs, commented "Kami was a [CENSORED] for killing players he had no right to. Thats why Sweetie died. He at least gets to prove he still loves her now she is scum. Nothing personal Sweetie I hear your a nice player, just be more careful who your friends are next time."

The reasoning behind DBH wanting to shoot down Revelation was apparently because he had been killed by Revelation earlier that day. He had been visiting the bottom crew slot on his account which was ranked Thug. Revelation had a bone to pick with this newly established crew, and wiped out everybody who joined, including DBH. DBH took these attacks personally, and decided that something needed to be done. Himmel, of the Invisibles, ensures us that revenge will be swiftly taken within four hours... And has already taken down most of the involved!

Nearly seconds after the crew wipe and spot drop, bonbonbloc2 created a new crew called "f" (name chosen quickly to regain the spot). Nearly only a couple of hours later, the crew name was changed to Revelation, letting us all know that the crew was back.

Rest in peace to all of those who died from Revelation, as well as Sweetie. It really is a shame that so many players who were most likely innocent had to die due to one person's actions! All of those who fell victim of this treacherous attack can be found on the profile of Coeus, who was apparently the second of the two shooters. I also would personally like to apologize to Himmel. There we go, don't think an apology gets more public than this, man.