Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

Settling the Rumors; Part I MsNyxxie

Rumors are what this game strives for. Some are created to spice the game up by the players, some are created--well, just to be created. Either way, Sabin sits down with MsNyxxie in an attempt to settle some of them once and for all!

- If you press F5 during the Duesenberg mission, you will get a free Duesenberg.
False! Currently, there is a bug that allows you to do so, but is a bannable offense and according to Sabin, "Admitting to using the bug, even in a private BM, is the same as actually doing it... whether you are joking or not."

- War will one day be player owned or the max will raise.
False! War will never be player-owned because there is no "house-advantage." According to Sabin, "The max is not scheduled to be raised anytime soon, but that could change in the distant future." How distant is unknown!

- There will be more crews in the future.
False! In fact, according to Sabin, "Very, very doubtful." Due to the 10 crews not being close to capacity, it hasn't been considered. However, once it does, Sabin has stated that they will consider it but, "don't hold your breath!"

- Someone can put you BACK in jail.
False! Creating fake BMs such as these are considered scamming! However, unless it is done to a member of the Elite Guard or through the help desk, there will be no ban.

- Searching for a player a longer amount of time will, in turn, allow you to find them faster!
"Sorry, but that one will have to be kept a rumor." -Sabin