Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

Welcome Back Max Bet Page! whitestar

Where would we be without the max bet pages? In complete mayhem! Thanks to JorisSequel, owner of, our beloved site is back up! A great help for all gamblers of Bootleggers, the max bets page.

As many know, it was many weeks that both Max Bets sites went down. The owner of "subs," was too involved in other game affairs and failed to notice that this game was in mayhem after his site went down. Meanwhile, the BLhelp max bet page was only in it's beta stage and it's link shouldn't have been known.

But finally JorisSequel (A.K.A MrJoris and Joris) got the page working properly. It is now up and running perfectly and all gamblers can now easily find all the max bets. But how did Joris get his page up and running while it was down at first?

The max bet page works with accounts in each state. “Every account checks every casino page and rips the max bet” according to Joris. Of course, Joris had to make these accounts and he had them registered under his own IP address. Making those accounts dupes. Unfortunately, Joris couldn't get permission from BSF2000 to create the accounts. “I tried to contact BSF about this many times, but I only got a small answer like, I'm busy now, I'll have a look at it when I'm less busy.” Joris told me.

Finally, he decided to create the accounts in order to have the max bet page up and running. A moderator notified Joris that the accounts he made wouldn't get banned for a while. But after some time they were banned by the mods.

Last week, Joris messaged Sabin to get permission for re-creating the accounts so the page would work again. Sabin gave him that permission so that Joris could, once again, create a working max bets page. Happy gambling!