Sunday, August 19th, 2007
Issue: 36   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Auto Burglary -- REVAMPED! MadamNyxxie

The next old feature in this game to get a rather detailed and big update is the Auto Burglary page. Around 10:00pm Bootleggers' time, almost all pages under the "MONEY" category were disabled to the public. This caused quite a stir in Game Forum, as usual, with multiple topics asking the same question. Many speculated a change in the Missions or in the rewards. Some thought a change would be made to the Organized Crimes.

It took quite a while for the update to finally be brought to the public. "Sorry for such a long delay. You guys love keeping your cars and it took longer than expected to transfer the old ones to the new table in the database," stated Game Owner, BSF2000 in the Game Forum sticky explaining the new update.

The biggest update seems to be the "Heat" of the car, or simply known as "H" on your Auto Burglary page. The heat of the car could be one of three colors: red, yellow, or green. Doing things to the car, such as changing the plates or moving the car to another state, will lower the heat from high red to a lower amount so there is a less chance of it getting caught by the police. All cars, however, will eventually be found unless they are placed in a garage. This is giving a new use for garages as anyone, including those not in crews, must buy a garage if they want to keep their cars.

Shipping times were changed according to the mileage between the two states. Since New York is closer to New Jersey, it will take less time to ship it there than it would to ship it from New York to California.

There is also a new car. The police car, although unknown as to it's quality in organized crimes or kills, may have a better purpose. Many speculate the police car to bring in higher OC vault returns. However, this is unknown and can only be stated as an assumption amongst players.

When the feature was released, there were many bugs found by the players. Bugs such as disappearing cars when repairing, self-traveling cars and inability to purchase cars on the buy page were all included. Several hours later, BSF2000 logged on again and fixed these.

Remember, as any feature, if you spot a bug, you should definitely report it under "Report a Bug/Glitch" on the help desk and forward it directly to the Elite Guard.

Good luck and enjoy the new feature!