Sunday, August 19th, 2007
Issue: 36   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Behind The Name MadamNyxxie

Four victims this week as Nyxxie had a little problem counting how many people she sent the form out to. Anyhow, enjoy it this week and look for three NEW victims next week!

Name: Danny
How old are you?: I am 17 years old.
Where are you from?: I am From The Netherlands
Why did you chose this as your name?: When i started this game I was 15 years old.
That's why the 15. And I think you can guy's why there is Danny
What were your prior names, as far back as you can remember?: This reset Danny15 and ThaDanny15.
But before the reset I had lot's. Danny15 TheDanny15 TahDanny15 ThaDanny5.
Random Question: If you only had one food to eat for the rest of your life, what food would it be and why?: I think that will be Lasagna

Name: Jason
How old are you?: 17, May 30th 1990
Where are you from?: USA, Florida
Why did you chose this as your name?: My friend at school who also plays the game Brandon (Renez) calls me Shrek cause I'm 6'3" 225 lbs and in his words "one strong beast". So he said I should use it, it just kinda fits.
What were your prior names, as far back as you can remember?: 35 accounts this reset most known are - Coastie, iCoastie, SideKick, TrueLogic, Flawless, BlueKnight. Most banned because I tend to go UG alot.
Random Question: What song by which artist/band is your favorite and why?:Artist: Eminem Song: "Lose Yourself" It describes how no matter how hard things are, you gotta keep trying. To never give up.

Name: Dawgout7
How old are you?: 17
Where are you from?: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Why did you chose this as your name?: No idea really, I just like the sound of it. It rolls of the tongue.
What were your prior names, as far back as you can remember?: Dawgout7, Wilderness, Freeordead..
Random Question: If you were any animal, which would you be and why?: Octopus - they are so freaking awesome and they can blend into anything they want instantly.

Name: Mark Green
How old are you?: 36
Where are you from?: Sheffield, UK
Why did you chose this as your name?: I thought long and hard about a cool name but couldn't come up with anything original, or that hadn't already been taken. So I thought, what would I want to be like as a game character? So the idea of being a bit of a rogue(not the Marvel character as some thought)was appealing. Warrior seemed to fit with Rouge, so I stuck them together, they've been together ever since.
What were your prior names, as far back as you can remember?: My first account was Ultimax. I never used this account because I had a problem that seemed to stem from trying to activate the account using the AOL browser. I killed it using RW a little later. I then became Rogue Warrior who got killed because I got hooked on buying loads of points in the forum. RogueWarriorV1 was my next account but later got hacked and then was used to kill Air. there was then a reset that gave me the opportunity to be Rogue Warrior again. Ive been RW ever since.
Random Question: Who is your best friend on Bootleggers and why?: My two longest friends are Rise(present account name unknown) and KinkysReturn. To me they are family. I bumped into RiseofthePhoenix in jail not long after starting to play, which is a short four years plus now. She bust me out and we have talked from that point on. Kinky and I OC'd together after being introduced by Rise. Now I feel they are not just my best friends on Bootleggers, but they are very good friends in real life. VivaSpammerana is the nearest thing ill ever have to a Sister on here. Like Rise and Kinky she has always got my back. Soulbaby and Soulmate for being my first ever crew bosses(they have my eternal loyalty). And I can't forget all the other members of The Order. The best fun-loving-crazy-bunch I have ever met. Apologies to any friend of mine who feel they should have been mentioned, those who have fallen in battle, and those who I haven't had the pleasure to meet, yet!