Sunday, August 19th, 2007
Issue: 36   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Finishing Unfinished Business TriPoddv2

And again we see Revelation go down. They just don’t seem to get a break. This time the hit has been made by none other then cicciona a.k.a. BigMomma1. Or at least financed by her. The actual shooting was provided by Cobalt.

The reason for the shooting was Nevada Bullet Factory, owned by BigMomma and being held by The Spartan Warriors at that time. After the holder dropped the BF, Revelation paid the guy who picked it up. But Rev refused to give the BF back. “I was told that it had been ‘confiscated’ because of my involvement in the shooting of a number of Rev members when Silentf0rce wiped TI” is what BigMomma told me. She added that she didn’t know any Rev members were being targeted. After holding it for a while, Rev passed the BF to SF, who paid BigMomma for it. “Rev did want me to pay them points for their losses over the shooting but, of course, I never did!”

And with that reason BigMomma decided to finance the shooting. She added that noone else was involved except herself and Cobalt.
The ranks killed were:
3 Ldon
1 R Don
4 Don
16 GF
9 R Boss
5 Boss
1 Assassin
The total amount of bullets used were 995k. Although all searches were put on individually because of the “Search all states” bug, Cobalt wasn’t able to find angeleyesx2. They knew Cobalt would be dead by the time the second searches were finished, and that the crew wouldn’t drop as 2 accounts were on “vacation”, so they decided to shoot the targets who had been found. “Getting the crew to drop would have been a bonus, but I wasn’t interested in picking up any property , I only wanted a lot of corpses!” is what BigMomma said.

A number of players who were not in Revelation were also killed:

Graciefer as she had been a Rev member this and previous resets.
Wildbillg as he was a council member of Pezzo and MaeCapone is an influential Rev member.
Percival as he has held Rev property
DurcellBunny as he was a Revelation member and shooter.
InRodWeTrust as he had been in Revelation.
“Most of those are high ranked players and I wanted to lessen their chances of having high ranked players to oc with”, Is what BigMomma gave as a reason.

BigMomma also added she wasn’t happy with some of the, rather nasty comments she read in the GF. “At the end of the day it is a game and the players’ accounts that were killed are only that – accounts. Rev will rank up again and no doubt be killed again but I am sure they will always be around.”
And I think that is one thing all of us will agree on with BigMomma.

This was Tripodd, and to all, Happy Gaming!