Sunday, August 19th, 2007
Issue: 36   Editor: MadamNyxxie

The Buzz Awards! MadamNyxxie

We would love it if you can all take part in this edition of the Buzz Awards. The Awards will be once every 15 issues or so and span a total of two issues (first for the voting, second to declare winners).

Send your choices (one per award) to MadamNyxxie. You are only allowed to vote for yourself in 2 out of all the choices!

Good luck!

Best All-Around Player
Most Famous Player
Best Administrator
Best Moderator
Best Help Desk Operator
Biggest Forum Whore
Nicest Player
Most Generous Player
Most Helpful Player (HDOs/Mods Excluded)
Best Pic-Maker
Best Crew in all of BL History
Best Crew currently on the stats
Best Casino to Own (State and Casino)
Best Feature in the Game
Worst Feature To Bo Added
Best Bootcast DJ
Favorite State Don
Most Exciting Recent Event