Sunday, January 7th, 2007
Issue: 4   Editor: Nobody

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs TheSnake

I have decided, for the benefit of the BootLeggers public, to create a comprehensive list of all the current bugs that have come to my attention recently. This includes those that people have mentioned to me when I enquired in the game forum earlier this week. This is by no means an exhaustive list, it is very likely not complete but they are something to be wary of when playing.

  • Arm Wrestling - We are unable to Arm Wrestle at the moment as the matches created fail to appear. The money is taken but your personal statistics do not change.
  • Shooting Range - Entering the Shooting Range for 10 hours sometimes does not work, and all the player's money disappears. In 1h slots it is fine. This does not happen to everybody - it is quite uncommon.
  • Poker - This is a very common complaint from Poker players, and is still there, so play poker at your own risk. Iff two people win on the same hand, the money is split between Players 1 and 2.
  • Witness Statements - cannot be deleted. This is a minor annoyance.
  • BootMail - Sometimes a bootmail is sent to the wrong person completely by chance. This is very rare.
  • Lost Password - Retrieval of password was not working but can now be sorted through the backup link of:

I tried to get a statement from BSF2000 or Sabin on the current situation with these bugs, or any possible update to this list but was unable to. I will continue to try and will hopefully follow this up next week with a more up-to-date list. Until then, play it safe and enjoy!