Sunday, January 7th, 2007
Issue: 4   Editor: Nobody

The Beginners Guide to Staying Alive! SyNnIsTeR

Well here we go its just a little something I put together, little things here and there that I have picked up from playing games like Bootleggers and a few other games that shall remain nameless. If youíre new to the game you might want to keep reading thereís a lot of politics and guidelines you donít want to cross the line on... or it's just going to get you killed or possibly banned.

1) Start with doing the first 2 missions; it will help you rank just a little bit faster it will give you enough to get you through the basics and to know what its like to be on BL. You might want to do a lot of single crimes first (at least 40-70). These will help you rank up to Peewee. Once your crimes are up to 50%, you will be able to begin stealing cars.
Forums help you rank; the more you stay active, the more you rank. The other missions I would not recommend doing because they do not benefit you in anyway as far as the money and bullet payout is concerned.
2) Make friends, not enemies. Thatís one thing I learned quickly. Try to be respectful and find higher ranked players to make a "Fixed Organized Crime Team." This means that ever 12 hours, you and three other people will come together to commit and Organized Crime. Preferably you want people that are either GF status or above and if that is not possible, then I would recommend Respectable Bosses to help.
3) "OC Ranking." To OC, helps a lot. I would recommend to start participating in them from the Gangster rank and if youíre lucky, the Scum rank. Collect $20,000 and ask to be a driver in the OC. You will get a lower percentage as most drivers get from 10-15%, but it will cover the gas money you spent and a little bit more. *NOTE* Keep an eye on the percentage given in the OC menu and make sure you buy your stuff AFTER the leader has finalized the percentage for all players or you are going to find your self with $20,000 down the hole. Bootleggers is big on easy chat lingo. EE means Explosives Expert and should only be done if you are a rank of Hitman or Assassin. WE means Weapons expert and should be done if you are a rank of Boss or higher. When it comes to percentages, being an EE should pay out at 25-30 percent for the highest purchased equipment and 20-30 percent for one of the highest purchased equipments for WE.
4) If should you decide to OC without making a team, which might happen, BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS. To avoid yourself from being victim to a scam, make sure to not purchase any equipment until percentages are finalized to your liking.

Although your life isnít promised here on Bootleggers, follow the guidelines below to make sure that nothing you might say or do could get you killed.

1) Be polite in the forums unless someone is deserving of your negative opinion.
Donít talk smack, donít threaten, mind your business and have fun. Iím not saying you shouldnít post, but the more crap you talk the faster you get killed. This is the #1 killer of Bootleggers.
2) Donít kill just anyone. Be aware of their friends, the crew they are allied with.
3) Protection stamps do not stop bullets. If someone wants you dead, they wonít care how many protection stamps you have.
4) If you do want someone killed, do it through the hitlist. It will cost you less in the long run and you can do it discreetly so you donít have to dirty your hands.
5) DO NOT SCAM ANYONE AND RE-READ #1 Carefully and keep it in mind!

Hopefully these guidelines will keep you alive for many days and weeks to come. If not, do not get discouraged and try again.