Sunday, January 7th, 2007
Issue: 4   Editor: Nobody


One year has passed since Bootleggers won Multiplayer Online Game Directoryís Game of the Month and with rival games taking the lead in December, BSF2000 has made it his top priority to get Bootleggers on the list as number one.

Itís been not even one week since BSF2000 posted the IMPORTANT sticky located on the Game Forum asking all players to vote for www.mpogd.comís Game of the Month and already, the game we all have known to love is at number one with a total of over 4,000 votes (42%).

With the number two game considerably behind, itís already expected that Bootleggers will win Januaryís GOTM with an expected 20,000 votes come the end of the month.

That number is compiled using the statistics currently put together on where on January 6th, 2007 at 9:20pm, there have been 4,127 votes. With each player allowed to vote once a day, everyday there has been an average of 688 votes per day and after 30 days, the votes could be expected to topple the 20,000 milestones.

As explained in the sticky, all accounts made prior to the New Year will receive 500 bullets for every 1000 votes. Currently as of this Buzz release, 1,500 bullets have been dispersed to members!

Hopefully everyone will remember to vote once every 24 hours until this month is done to make sure that this game we spend hours on becomes number one!

Visit and scroll down to cast in your vote for Game of the Month!