Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Issue: 43   Editor: NyxxiePixie

Apocalypse Now? MrMoatilliatta

On Tuesday afternoon, twenty-three Apocalypse members were shot and killed by an inside solo-shooter. The crew was passed to this shooter.

This is likely the result of an unstable period that started for Apocalypse last Wednesday; a large percentage of members, including council members were shot at by Revelation. They are believed to have shot at Apocalypse for revenge due to complications involving some of their current members. Despite the fallen members creating new accounts immediately, it left Apocalypse in a fairly vulnerable position.

On Tuesday evening, almost a week later, twenty-three members were shot at by GenghisKhan, a current member of the crew. The crew was eventually dropped to him and many members were kicked. A message reading “I got bored guys… The Triad” appeared on the crew profile.
According to rumours and speculation on the game forum, the motive for this takeover was revenge because of the death of another triad member, WildRose.

Unknown to him, GenghisKhan’s time began ticking away soon after, as during the takeover, he shot at a bodyguard of state don Supreme. Inevitably, GenghisKhan was killed shortly afterwards by Supreme. But unknown to the State Don, the death of GenghisKhan would mean the total wiping of Apocalypse. The statistics page now showed only nine out of ten possible crews.

A good friend of Apocalypse, She, saw this and bought the missing crew spot after GenghisKhan was killed, and sold it back to the Apocalypse's crew bosses. This is a favour everyone in Apocalypse is unbelievably grateful for.

So for now, Apocalypse are back on the stats page in high spirits. Maybe we'll see more from these in the future, who knows.