Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Issue: 43   Editor: NyxxiePixie

Crew Of The Week - The Order JustDrew

Two weeks have passed and hopefully this article has been able to provide some good insight into a few of the many great crews on Bootleggers. The feedback continues to be positive so with great pleasure, I would like to bring you the third edition of Crew Of The Week. This week I will be giving you a peek inside The Order, a crew with roots that go back 3 rounds here on Bootleggers.

Bosses: DohSlice, LestatIII, and SoulmateV4
Maximum Capacity: 100
Current Members: Around 70 on most days.
Recruiters: This is kept on a need to know basis.
Crew Tax: $120,000
Necessary Rank: Rank isnít required. Itís about the player, not his / her rank.
Necessary Wealth: No particular rank is required, but players need to be able to pay taxes and make an effort to buy bullets.

The Order (TO) is a prestigious crew, dating back three rounds ago. Tom Strong was the leader back in the early days of Bootleggers. After a long and successful run, the crew made their second appearance last round, with DoctorFloyd and a group of original TO members deciding to bring it back. Throughout the round the crew would change hands a couple of times with players like PearlSword and LilJohnny taking a turn as the main guy. The final change gave Soulmate control, for what would be the last 12 months of the round. This round, TO made their third appearance on pretty much a spur of the moment decision. With the crew spot of The Monarchy up for sale, many former TO members in Sempre Famiglia (SF), and the SF spot getting too full to take new members, Soulmate approached Slice and Lestat. The three of them purchased the new spot and TO was back for a third time.

Recruiting within The Order is very similar to the way things are done in a couple of other crews. It comes down to trust and requires a vouch from a current member. If you have the vouch, the TO member will message a recruiter, who in turn will send you an application.

Problematic Members:
If a situation arises involving a member of The Order, it is dealt with in a fair manner. The member will be approached and is given a chance to explain what is going on and even to correct things. If talking doesnít seem to resolve the issue, a warning will be given out. After those two chances, the member will find himself / herself crewless for failing to comply with the standards and rules set by the crew.

After spending a day inside The Order, I found the crew forum to be unique and fun. With a 24/7 Happy Hour Bar, Spammerís Bar and even a Brothel, this crew lacked nothing in the excitement department. The members are very friendly and always seem to be having fun in the forums. For those of you who like riddles, TO even has a Riddle thread which will always give you a challenge. Finally, this crew takes care of their own with an Organized Crime thread that contains over 2,000 posts and a Crew Help Desk thread, in which members can find an answer to pretty much any game related question.

For those of you who want to be part of a crew that takes care of their own, has fun and doesnít go looking for trouble, this may be the place for you. I had an interesting time in The Order and was even encouraged to streak through the forums before my departure. I would like to thank Soul, Lestat, Slice and each of the members of The Order for allowing me to visit and entertaining me. Stay tuned next week as we bring you a new crew with a new story to tell!