Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Issue: 43   Editor: NyxxiePixie

New Family Account Rules JustDrew

For ages, the family account rules on Bootleggers have been pretty simple. You can’t be in OC’s together nor can you send each other money or points. None of these seem too demanding right? Just don’t OC or send things to another player who uses the same IP address. This is no longer the case, with things taking a turn this week as we all witnessed what may be one of the most controversial updates to come to Bootleggers in quite some time. The family account rules have now been updated, leaving many players to question the direction that the game may or may not be headed in…

The following rules have now been put into effect for players who have shared IP addresses, whether it was a one-time thing, or took place on multiple occasions and at different times:

You cannot give money / points to each other.
You cannot Buy / Sell To / from each other.
You cannot share a Swiss Bank account.
You cannot Kill / Hitlist each other.
You cannot use Escrow together.
You cannot play Poker together.
You cannot join the same Crew.
You cannot Arm Wrestle each other.
You cannot bust each other from Jail.
You cannot send Messages to each other.
You cannot join the same Organized Crime.
You cannot use each other's Casinos or BFs.
You cannot use each other's Establishments.

For players who break these rules, there is a very high chance that they will be banned on the grounds of having duplicate accounts. What this means is that if you play at work, school, or even public places such as wi-fi hotspots, you most likely have a shared IP address and have increased the risk of being considered as a duplicate account. You will need to be more careful when playing in locations such as the ones mentioned and obey the rules for your own account safety.

The reasoning behind this is the fact that Staff Members can’t tell the difference between yourself and a duplicate account when you have interaction with other accounts from the same IP address. If you have questions about the new changes, please submit a ticket to the Help Desk under the “TOS/Rules Question” category.

Update: You are not allowed to put your car into an Establishment garage owned by someone with whom you share an IP, particularly if there is money being transferred for the service.