Sunday, November 11th, 2007
Issue: 48   Editor: Nyxxiekins

4 State Donís Die by the...E-Gun? PinkSpaceh

Shots rang out early Friday morning as flyboy2109 shot and killed Thebunts, later followed by flyboy2109ís imminent demise as well as two other State Donís, fuckstick and Um58.

Thebunts was unable to be reached for comment on his loss of his State Don status but suffice it to say, I would imagine he was very upset at the recent death and came as a complete surprise knowing flyboy2109ís recent bought with random acts of killing.

flyboy2109 was also unable to be reached for comment.

I had several ďAnonymous tipsĒ come my way but not a lot of people wanting to come forward with why actions were done as they were. One such anonymous tip says, ďfuckstick was killed as he was friends with Mea and was planning to shoot Revelation & The RedemptionĒ.

The only person that stepped up to shed some light on things came from Revelation. Unbeknownst to him the reasons why flyboy2109 killed Thebunts, this was just happenstance for the kill to occur a few hours prior. Flyboy2109 was killed for shooting Glory and a State Don friend of Revelation. As far as fuckstick is concerned, it was believed that he was working for Most Wanted, Black September and The Clericuzo and planning a take over of The Redemption, Revelation and The Supremecy. Um58 was believed to be stockpiling bullets for a future dated hit on Revelation.

Wow! All that seemed to make for yet another exciting day in Bootleggers and what has come to be known as a typical day for Revelation.