Sunday, November 11th, 2007
Issue: 48   Editor: Nyxxiekins

flyboy2109, still making bullets fly! BishopvI

flyboy2109, almost everyone knows who I'm talking about. The notorious State Don of Colorado. After killing 30 members of Brotherhood without Banners, 38 members of The Uprising and another 39 members of Insert Name Here he�s still a dangerous State Don. 18 more fell victim to flyboy2109 including Michigan State Don Thebunts. Thebunts got killed because he killed a friend of flyboy2109. Thebunts having no body guards saved flyboy2109 a lot of bullets. Other victims are members of The Triad, Gangsters Sanctuary and The Cartel for taking over Forever SF. And a few were requested kills.

The big question for most is probably, how he's able to survive this long after killing so many people. I questioned him about this, and according to flyboy2109 it's all thanks to his Body Guard system. He figured out a way that makes him survive as long as possible. A few of his Bodyguards died after Mameen1 attempted to kill flyboy2109 twice. After those 2 attempts he's just waiting for the next load of bullets. Until then, he will use his position and high rank.

Now helping out Forever SF getting their crew back, will he lay low, or will we see more witness statements with flyboy2109 as killer?

It seems to have turned out an other way. A few hours after I wrote this article, flyboy2109 got killed by Honos. Let's wish flyboy2109 the best of luck with his new account!