Sunday, July 27th, 2008
Issue: 84   Editor: NYX2000

Oh Bugger! MikaPika

Two of the three things covered in this article happened when BSF2000 was busy scripting the game. In short, the Photo Album was down and you no longer got a correct promotion message.

Upon being promoted, you would receive a message saying:

You have been promoted to ! Keep on going!

When taking a closer look at the message, the bb-code would in fact be there. The tags that usually bold the rank simply didn't have the rank to bold. A player receiving the message would be promoted to the correct rank but would also receive this message. Sadly, the actual reason for this to happen remains unknown to us.

The second issue concerns the Photo Album. On the same day as the ranking issue occurred, the Photo Album was down. Upon opening it, one would see a MySQL error. Luckily, both the Photo Album and the ranking message problem were quickly solved again and both problems are gone now. You can normally view the Photo Album again and ranking message tell you what rank you made again.

The third issue is really a bug, contrary to what is believed. By now, people have noticed that a date of death isn't shown on the profiles of players that committed suicide. You will simply see: “Status: Dead”. To find out more about this, I contacted Sabin and asked him if he could provide me with any information regarding the, what I believed to be, new update. Sabin however, told me this was not a new update but a bug that hadn't been brought to his attention yet.

Because of that, we will most likely be seeing dates of death on the profiles of players that committed suicide. Making it impossible to tell the difference of suicide and real kill once again. Two of the three problems have already been fixed this week and we can be sure the newly found bug will also be solved soon.