Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Issue: 1   Editor: Nyxxie

Let There Be Light. hendertron

So, we had a reset. I would like to state that I was not glued to my laptop all night waiting for Bootleggers to come back online but that would be a total lie. Iím as addicted as you guys.

On the IRC channel throughout the day there were hoards of people chatting, all coping with the lack of Bootleggers in their own ways. Some people popped in now and then to check if there was any news on when the reset would be complete, some people speculated about possible feature changes and the others just spammed us to death (pretty much the same as the game forum then).

Itís late! People started panicking. The Dow Jones went down and the Dollar slumped. The rest of the world followed suit amid rumours that BSF2000 had gone to bed. You could have heard a pin drop in Times Square. OK, maybe none of that stuff happened but there is a limit to how interesting you can make IRC sound.

BSF2000 later explained that there was a database issue and he wanted to resolve it right then instead of patching it up quickly. This would avoid potential downtime at a later date. My own theory is that he got blind drunk and pooped his pants, but thatís just speculation. It was stupid-o-clock in the UK when it was announced that Bootleggers would be back online imminently, commence the F5 mashing...

Itís up! I considered spreading the word on IRC but I was certain that you were all refreshing as if your lives depended on it in order to get a head start over everyone else, so I continued. I think you know the rest Ė click, jail, click, jail, click, I GOT A STUTZ, jail.

There have been numerous tweaks to the game. Itís evident that ranking has become more challenging and is no longer linked to crime percentages. The bank looks better and has the added bonus of allowing you to hide your wealth status. If you enjoyed pumping some iron in jail then you are sure to be disappointed as well. But the one thing that seemed to dominate the game forum after the reset was the introduction of new anti-scripting codes.

Can people please stop whinging about them? Some are unreadable but thatís the point. You are playing a game which requires you to click the mouse thousands of times to rank but typing in three letters suddenly makes the whole process inane? Just relax and play the bloody game!

Thatís all from me for now, maybe you will hear from me in the future but until then I will lurk in the shadows of society and fight against the darkness in my soul. Failing that, I will do some OCís.

Tron out.