Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Issue: 1   Editor: Nyxxie

Presenting: The Vanguard JoeyDaAxe

If you hadn’t noticed, The Vanguard became the first crew to hit the stats in Round 6. Many of us wondered who it would be. According to their crew profile, TFKyle is not the Boss, but just a friend helping them out. The Buzz took some time to discuss this, the first of many feats, with TFKyle.
TFKyle’s profile states that he is not the “official boss” but that he is just helping his friends out. The Buzz asked TFKyle if he was a member of TV in Round 5 and his response was, “I was a member of Maranzano Camorra in April, so yep.” The Bosses of The Vanguard are TheMajor, ThePhantomm, Abonzo and Blinky. StodE is listed as the Underboss.

The Buzz asked The Vanguard what their goals and plans are for Round 6. According to TFKyle, The Vanguard’s goal for this round is to, “stay on the stats, build a nice big crew and spread the love…” He also stated that TV is “bound to come up with more later.” Regarding their future plans TFKyle says, “We plan on fighting crime, ka-pa-pow! but more seriously for now we just plan on ranking and having a fun time with the crew. We plan on being peaceful as long as no one starts killing us.” With 30 crew spots available it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the time being.

TFKyle says that the crew wasn’t looking to be the first crew on the stats and that the entire crew is happy about being the first. Their goal was just to secure a crew. However, he did state, “the higher the better though.” The Vanguard purchased the ‘small’ crew at the cost of $1,000,000. They plan to expand later when they earn more money. TFKyle said that the crew came up with the million by doing crimes and OCs and then pooling their money together. He says that they kept the OCs amongst their own members rather than “taking large cuts from OCs with people outside TV as seemed to be quite popular with other people.”

The Buzz congratulates The Vanguard on being the first crew of the round. There are sure to be many more crews within the next week. At the time of this writing, Eternal Labyrinth has also made it to the stats.