Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Issue: 1   Editor: Nyxxie

Reset! The Changes Aldarion

Just over a week ago, Bootleggers entered a new round, the sixth, and several changes were made compared to round five. In this article, we list the changes we noticed so far, as well as a little explanation on what actually changed.

  • The Swiss Bank page was updated. Small lay-out changes were made, as well as changes to the script; a player now receives a message when he/she uses one of the four options at the Swiss Bank page, whereas that only used to happen when a player created an account.

  • Lay-out changes for the Federal Bank page as well, and a very interesting change to the script was made, BSF2000 said, “Additionally, bank money will no longer be counted in your profile wealth. Money in the federal bank will not be added to your cash on hand upon maturity. This will allow you to hide your wealth. You may deposit and withdraw money from your bank account at any time, however, depositing will always restart your timer.”

  • The verification codes were changed. BSF2000 stated, “These have been implemented to combat the increasing level of scripting. While some may be hard to read, the difficulty does help fight off scripters. Stopping scripters is not simply a matter of having an image with text that cannot be selected. These more complex CAPTCHAs were a needed measure. As a convenience, you may now click on all of the codes to immediately get an updated version without the need to reload the entire page.”

  • A starter of a topic no longer has the ability to kick people out of his/her topic. The decision was based on the policy that less staff intervention should happen in the game. If you don’t like something that’s been said, shoot!

  • Changes were made to the script of the Crimes. BSF2000 said, “The crimes that are currently up were reverted back to the independent system, with a new algorithm for building up percents. It is suppose to mock the stock market in the sense that it does not top out too quickly making higher ranks able to benefit from it as well.” He went on to explain, “We didn't think you should have all ~100% crimes when you're a Hitman. So while the high number of crimes required to achieve high percents may seem unrealistic, I believe it only seems that way because you're relating it to the old system.” BSF2000 also promised that we can expect a change somewhere in the future, “Sabin was actually the one who coded the new crimes, and his departure is causing a delay to the tweaks. So it is definitely going to be worked on, and I appreciate the feedback, but unfortunately I cannot give you a date as to when it will be completed.”

  • The first mission was changed; players now need to travel Beer instead of Wine, and just twenty-five crates instead of one-hundred. Other missions are unchanged.

  • Promotions are now logged at the news page, beneath the player’s statistics.

  • The amount of crewspots was raised from fifteen to thirty.

  • Players can no longer access the Arm Wrestling page when they are in jail.

  • Adjustments were made to the Bootlegging Page. The prices are relatively low, and can fluctuate a lot. Logs confirmed that prices could actually swap from being as low as possible, to as high as possible. As a result of that, every single Booze Chart around is now incorrect.

  • Underscores can now be used in usernames. However, it was reported that these account suffered numerous bugs.

  • The price for changing a car’s plate is no longer set at one-hundred dollars. Instead, the price for changing a car’s plate now depends on the state the player is visiting.

  • Small updates were made to the FAQ.

  • The Categories for the Off Topic Forum were changed to: Contest & games/Bars/Rate THIS/Sports/Movies, music & TV/Other

Please bear in mind it is likely that several changes are yet to be discovered. These may include feature updates, script updates or lay-out updates. According to the Bootleggers staff, there is much more to expect in round six and it has been reported that that several features are still being worked on. So, there is a lot to expect, and that should be plenty of reason to stick around and see what will happen.