Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Issue: 1   Editor: Nyxxie

Sean In Yellow! lordwell

Earlier this week, on 4th November, the Administrators decided to bring another player to the Help Desk. That was fellow Buzz writer, Sean. We caught up with him in between his new duties to have a talk about his promotion.

We started by asking him to talk us through happened leading up his promotion. He replied, "Well I was just chilling online trying to research further into something I had reported earlier that day when 5litre BM'd me and told me to go on IRC. He told me that he couldn't find any evidence to support what I had reported and that I was trying to create drama, which made me sad and angry. He then said that I could make up wasting his time by working on the help desk. And after wards I was just in shock serious shock. I couldn't believe it at first."

We then moved onto the future and questioned whether he would like to become Moderator should the chance arise. He told us, "I haven't really had a chance to think about that yet! But yeah, I guess so. Moderator position would be cool. I'm all for contributing to the game and community and I could probably do even more as a Mod. I'm happy I got HDO right now, though." He informed us what his first few hours as Help Desk Operator involved, saying, "I was spending lots of time reading the stickies in the High Rollers Forum, making sure I knew the rules to the T so I could be sure not to mess up a mute/locked topic or whatever on my first day", before going on to say, "I also started checking out help desk tickets and seeing how they work. It's pretty simple to use but I had hundreds of thank-you BM's to respond to too."

It seems he's enjoying his time in the yellow suit and as we came to the end of our interview, we asked if there was anything else he'd like to add. He simply asked, "Can I give thank-yous to the people?" So, if you didn't get a reply to a congratulations BM from Sean, then there you are!

We then decided to get some of the Bootleggers public's reactions. It was fairly mixed with some agreeing with the promotion, like Ace, who said, "I personally believe that he has been playing long enough to know the game. I think that yes he is very helpful because he wanted the position, but doing something to achieve something is the way most things work in life. He actually managed to get what he wanted so good for him." However some disagreed. "I honestly can't say Sean deserved HDO. A lot of his opinions are not very helpful, I do believe that the staff are in their rights to exercise their discretion; however, I believe there are many more players who are far more qualified than simple forum whores who don't really know the ins and outs of every feature in the game... (which essentially is the main criteria of being on the help desk...)", said xBlade, clearly doubtful over the new addition to the Help Desk. There were others who weren't sure what to make of it, with ex-Moderator Air stating, "Congratulations are always in order for a new HDO. He's changed a lot from his forum whoring days although you always wonder if such a person really does have that great of knowledge about the game and isn't just a 'help in the forums' person." He then went on to say, "That's down to the Admins to decide and we can only hope they are right about any promotion made. Time is the only proof of a good HDO, experience is important."

Time is indeed proof of whether an HDO is good, and so we can only wait to see if Sean will live up to expectations. However, until then, from everyone here at the Buzz, we say congratulations to Sean!