Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Issue: 1   Editor: Nyxxie

The Coast to Coast (Beer) Run TheSilentKiller

The mission page has been given a revamp this reset. These changes were simple and were made on the Coast to Coast booze run, the first mission in the game. The Administrators changed the type of Booze a player has to travel, as well as the amount of Booze (beer instead of wine), 25 crates instead of 100 from pre-reset.

Now the question is, if this is a permanent change or not and if there are any more changes waiting for us to discover on Bootleggers. As a bonus for our readers, we have also found out how much you will likely get in reward for doing the first and second mission.

The Buzz contacted several Elite Guard members on their thoughts about why the mission page was changed for this reset. Nyxxie, one of the newest moderators, stated, “I believe it was changed because the price of wine was not up to par with the flow of the reset at this time, hindering EVERYONE from completing it. Changing the mission to beer was a quick fix. I have high hopes that it will change in the future.”

We continued with our research and we found the player who first completed the first mission and the second one. When we talked to him, we found out that in the very beginning of the round, you only needed to transfer 10 crates of beer to finish the mission. The player did that in one easy run and completed the mission. Right after this the Bootleggers Admins realized that this was simply too easy and turned the number of crates up to 25.

Decimate, the player who completed the first and the second mission, commented, “I completed Mission 1 about 15 minutes after registration opened this round. At that time it required only 10 beer, and I was able to take them all in one trip without getting caught. The payout was was $640. The amount of beer changed to 25 beer almost moments a few minutes after I completed the mission. (See my profile for message from 5litre if you wish.)” He then continued about the second mission, “Mission 2 has no changes from the first round. It still requires 3 Pennsylvania Duesenbergs. The payout for the mission was $1,732 and 4,500 bullets. If you want proof of me doing mission 2 you can see on the stats page there is only 4,500 bullets in the game.”

We challenged him and visited the Statistics page and at the time there were only 4,500 bullets in game. So from these changes we can assume that they are bound to the first mission and most likely not permanent.