Sunday, January 10th, 2010
Issue: 10   Editor: Mika

Crew of the Week! Seannypoo

Crew of the Week is back with a new format and new questions. Each week, a crew will be randomly selected from the statistics to answer some questions to give you, the players, a little more insight into how they work and maybe you can find out if that crew if for you. This is still a work-in-progress so you can expect to see new and edited questions over the coming weeks. If you have a suggestion for any questions you'd like included, then, as always, leave feedback in the comments.

Crew Name - Strictly Business

Crew Structure Crew Boss: Saint
Crew Underbosses: MissTrigger, Mosssid3r and HiredHitman
Crew Council: Winster , Fishbrain and DutchChaos (Recruiters)

How and when the crew was formed - Last reset after Saint used the name StrictlyBusiness as a user name and shot The Supremacy after they took over the EH crew spot the name seemed to catch everyone's' eyes so naming a crew after it was easy

A brief history of the crew - Been on the stats last reset and then spent some time underground

Crew theme/motto -'It's Strictly Business'

Current Allies - Most of the crews on the stats

Current Enemies - At this time they have no enemies

Opinions of Boss(es) - Saint said, "Strictly Business has grown from small beginnings... and now we have worked hard to increase the crew size with active members. Our loyal members help each other with all parts of the game play. We seem to have a few good jail breakers keeping the members out of jail and returning the game back to how I used to like it . The crews future looks bright with a great membership"

Opinions of Members - JustKidding said, "Well my first expression when I entered Strictly Business was that there is alot of respect, also the trust in the crew is high without any explanation I could loan money to do an oc. I think I'm really lucky to be invited in the crew. Thanks to the crew I made many new friends, also the Crew forum is active that way you never get bored! As we all know Strictly Business is a well known crew and I think they deserve to be the crew of the week"

Mosssid3r said, "Well, Strictly Business has been the only crew I've bin in since playing Bootleggers seriously, and I've always thought of us to be more than just a crew and more like a family.. The game of Bootleggers can be hard, having a crew like Strictly Business there helps make the game fun for me. We have some nice active members that are there to help any member in times of need and some are known to help non crew members as well"

lilmario said, "To each member their crew will mean a different thing. To me, in Strictly Business I have made some fantastic friends from before the reset and since continuing on the bonds have strengthened. The structure of the crew is great and I love that the crew forum is more active for fun ingame, but even the msn group has so many people on sometimes. It's a fantastic crew run by a crew council lead by ours holy kinky! It's my home and it's why I log on!"