Sunday, January 10th, 2010
Issue: 10   Editor: Mika

Hells Angel's Wiped! Joke

In the wake of the TV shooting, Silent Requiem opened fire on Hell's Angels for many different reasons. They ended up using less than 100,000 bullets to take out the only six boss or above accounts that were in the crew. At the time, the spot held by Hell's Angels was for sale for 1,500 points. Some think it was very high, but they reasoned it is justifiable as it was the fourth crew spot. Nummy, one of the crew bosses for Silent Requiem was the only shooter in this quick wipe. Nummy wanted to state that all the bullets used had been purchased from bullet factories.

Dorf, a member of Silent Requiem told the Buzz that because members of Hell's Angels were harassing his "missus", he wanted to kill all members of Hell's Angels. He would not tell who his missus is, nor would he tell us who in Hell's Angels was checking out his missus. However, wanted to state that no one messes with his missus. “They eye balled my missus, and that is just not acceptable. We needed to show them that stalking my missus will not be tolerated.” To kill them all, they decided to hunt them down, “so we hired a tracker (aboriginal) to get them.”

Nummy, one of the crew bosses stated that he and Fuckle, the other boss of Silent Requiem, began talking one night about Hell's Angels, and their overall appearance. “Fuckle is a grammar nazi, and because of their mistakes, and the price they were asking for being outrageous, we just didn't like them being on the stats.” said Nummy. As to why Nummy was the only shooter, Nummy commented “So when I thought we should shoot them, Fuckle said, 'okay, once you reach don, shoot.' So that's what happened, I ranked to don and shot them. Due to the weakness of the crew we really only needed one shooter and I quickly volunteered."

Fuckle told the Buzz that they had been joking around about shooting Hell's Angels for the last few days, after being annoyed with them for a long time. He stated, “We were bored, we had bullets, they upset me with their overall noobness and terrible grammar on their profile and even in their picture. It started as a joke and then we decided to actually do it a few hours beforehand.” Silent Requiem was able to get the Train Station that was dropped, but as for why Fuckle decided to pick up the crew spot left vacant by Hell's Angels, “I hadn't intended on picking it up, but I was talked into it by a friend. I'm not sure what we'll do with it though.”

Despite attempts to get in contact with them, the Buzz was unable to reach any members of Hell's Angels to get their view on the matter, and their plans for the future. It is currently unknown if we will be seeing the Hell's Angels on the stats page in the future, they were selling their spot while they were getting shot so some may believe it is unlikely.