Sunday, April 4th, 2010
Issue: 22   Editor: HowlingMadMika

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This week's topic is about what you think of the recent tweaks to crimes. The new updates seem to have been met with a degree of controversy and here is your chance to voice your opinion!

What do you think of the new crimes? Do you think they are easy enough to max out now? Do you think the payout has been lowered too much? How would you alter crimes if you had the chance?


the only problem we faced that the amount of crimes needed to maximize each crime level is unreasonable, that’s the only change we asked for, improve the relationship between each 1% added to the crimes meter due to Ocīs GTAīs..etc without taking the advantage from the people who spent time and effort to improve their looting skills, now many players with much less crimes on their accounts have the same crime with players that have 20k+ crimes - Columbian0Baron

It's a good improvement and crimes are no longer proportional to the level of addiction of a player, at least, not as much as with the old crimes. The old system is one that shouldn't have existed in the first place, so people with a lot of crimes should consider themselves lucky they were able to profit from this mistake for several months...

Truth is, though, this was introduced WAY too late. The later this was going to be introduced the more trouble it would cause. Ah, I guess we should be happy it did get changed after all.
- Aldarion

I think it's something that should have been done a long time ago, and I also think that BSF shouldn't think that this was all the game needs.

More crew features should be added, like mass crew bootmails for example.
- Shotgun

The new crimes are far to easy to max out. i did one oc and gained 10% on my second highest crime. the vault only had 160k in it. The new oc payouts are better, but i would prefere more money from crimes with less exp. It seems to easy now to max out crimes. - TheForumWhore

The change was too extreme. It benefitted people who don't do a lot of crimes, but didn't really help the people who did a lot of crimes anyway. - MrLarkinJr