Sunday, April 4th, 2010
Issue: 22   Editor: HowlingMadMika

The Gambino Family’s Future: In The Balance Leweyy

This week we saw the green giants wiped from the game by the work of two shooters firefly and Cyruz, the latter’s profile pointing towards Gentlemen of Fortune involvement. The Buzz contacted Cyruz who was reluctant to offer us any information, we can only apologise for another one sided story involving Gentlemen of Fortune due to our lack of intel.

The Buzz caught up with The Gambino Family Bosses Mika and AldarinoX to find out the intentions of a crew that could be described as one that “keeps its self to its self.” The Buzz aked Mika what previous relations were like with the crew in question (Gentlemen of Fortune), he replied, “We had no relation, really. At least, not one that I am aware of.” So the question remains, where did this sudden turn come from? The Buzz asked AldarinoX why he thought these attacks occurred. “A visitor in our crew had a bullet factory they badly wanted to have,” he said. With “they” being Gentlemen of Fortune.

To conclude our interview The Buzz asked Mika if we could expect The Gambino Family to return in the near future, his response was somewhat sketchy “I am yet to speak to actual owners of the crew, so I have no information regarding future plans. Maybe we will be back, maybe not.”.
It has to be asked whether or not we will see The Gambino Family appear on the stats, as the owners of the crew seem to be out of contact from their very own council. Only time will tell if the green giants will appear once again.