Sunday, April 4th, 2010
Issue: 22   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Trouble on the Horizon? CaptainLennon

BANG! Fireworks you ask? On Friday the second we saw what could have been the beginning of a terrific show for us spectators. Although what we saw was a relatively small attack on Event Horizon which MzB, Boss of Event Horizon, brushed off as an exercise for her crew and its members, the shooter D3moralizerV2 has merely expending his bullets before he quits. Could there be something we’re just not seeing or are these fireworks just sparklers?

The attack on Event Horizon resulted in the death of just three members, two of which were holding bullet factories, and the Boss Betty herself. This attack was made by just one seemingly un-crewed shooter named D3moralizerV2, he told the Buzz that the amount of bullets shot “came to just under 100k.” The shooter only provided a little information as he said that he has exams coming up and wanted to expend the bullets before hand, “my friend gave me the 3 names and I just shot away to use the bullets.“ He also told us he couldn’t say much more in case they didn’t want him saying stuff. Which begs the question, who is pulling this puppets strings? The Buzz went on to ask MzB what she thought of this seemingly weak attempt on her crew of merry fellows. After deciding which one of us was asking the questions she said to us, “We don't consider the killing of 3 accounts an attack, it's more of an exercise to keep the members of EH on their toes, and we appreciate that.” She also thanked the shooter for his efforts. The person that pulled the plug on the shooter was VimPrestixioX, using 12,000 bullets to take down the Respectable Boss account D3moralizerV2.

In conclusion this was a small attack on Event Horizon, which seemed to be just an effort to annoy than to do any damage. It could be the start of something much bigger in the making of course, or just a player’s last effort to help out an old friend. Maybe we'll find out in the future as "they" are bound to show up if there is more going on. I’ll let time have the final say.