Sunday, June 20th, 2010
Issue: 33   Editor: HowlingMadMika

A Goodbye to a Great! Altro

Wednesday the 16th of June heralded the end of an era in Bootleggers when VooDooDoll announced her resignation from the Elite Guard, to the surprise of many.

VooDooDoll was the longest serving Moderator in the Elite Guard at the time of her resignation, over two and a half years. Holding the title of Senior Moderator with Sweetie. Giving no particular reason for leaving she created a sticky thread in the game forum stating, “My reasons are many however I won’t be getting into anything specific.” Whatever the reasons may be, given the time she has invested in the game, it must have been a hard decision to make. She said, “I have put alot of thought into my decision and feel that it is the best thing for me to do and at the right time.” “This is not a decision that was taken lightly,” the topic stated.

She graciously paid tribute to her colleagues in the Elite Guard, the Help Desk Operators, her friends and the Bootleggers community, including her enemies, saying, “I appreciate you all. Even the ones I banned and created an enemy out of.” After making the topic she committed suicide, before starting a new account called MyLastSerenade . In what was an error, she did not return to a normal player. Instead she became a Help Desk Operator. When asked about it, she said, “I am assuming it has to do with my email address and when I was HDO. I do not wish to be HDO.” For the mean time however, she remains so.

Anyone new to the game glancing over the resignation topic would see a clear picture of a much loved Moderator, with virtually all posts either well wishes or sorrowful goodbyes. Standing as a testament to her popularity, her new account remind alive long after she left the safety of the Elite Guard. A courteous rarely seen by the players, who wish to kill an ex-Moderator as revenge. Sweetie (her co-Senior Moderator) said, “You will be missed in the team!” “This is a sad day for the entire BL community,” DialDforDTOX stated, an opinion then echoed by many more. MyL4dy said, “my favorite moderator… sad to see you go.”

Along with the grieving, came gratification, something not often seen for Staff members. Fuga6 summed this up with, “Thanks for the never-appreciated work.” While HowlingMadMika in a moment of sanity, said, “Thanks for everything, Voo. You rock!” “Take care VDD, probs one of the nicest MODS on bl ever,” SatecX commented. A sample of just a few of the many messages left for her.

We asked VooDooDoll if she would continue to play, now that she is no longer Moderator. She answered, “I am not gone for good. I will be around.” Before adding, “Maybe not as much though.” 5Litre is currently looking for more Help Desk Operators due to the levels being the lowest ever. It will be a huge blow to the Elite Guard to lose such an active member, which is now also at its lowest levels.

Here at the Buzz we wish VooDooDoll the best of luck in her future endeavors, which we hope includes Bootlegging. With all the work and effort she has put in to the game, it may be hard for many users to accept the loss of such an integral part of the game. Good luck VooDooDoll, thank you for everything!