Sunday, December 6th, 2009
Issue: 5   Editor: Mika

Missions - Are They Worth It? AceAdam

What to do when you're bored of doing the same old everyday stuff in the world of bootleggers? Some players may tell you to try out the missions that are set out in the game, but are they really worth doing and do you benefit out of it?

There are currently eight missions in the game; ranging from really easy tasks such as bootlegging, and stealing Duesenbergs - up to the really hard crimes for example killing your enemies and doing an organized crime with your three brothers. If you successfully complete a mission you get cash and/or bullets for the work. But are these rewards really worth the time and effort put in to it, and do you gain a significant amount of experience from it?

Well, a player named Altrozero has taken time out to research into this very debatable question, and has worked out the net profits for each mission on his website (Contact him for the link). Going by the net profits posted, it would seem best to stop after mission four as you would have gained 6,250 bullets. Doing missions after that will see your bullet profit slowly decrease. Doing all eight missions will give you an overall profit of 2,750 bullets, providing you have done each mission correctly. But maybe it is best to do all eight missions for the extra experience?

We asked DontPanicIsMW his opinion on missions; he replied, “I only do missions for the bullets, the cash payout is far too low, at the moment that is. First mission before the reset was nice but I keep doing missions until number 4, because after that you start losing bullets. So after that I've never done missions.” We then asked him if it's worth doing the other four missions for extra experience. He said, “I don’t really know, but I think the exp isn't very high. I rather make some money and do some more OC's then lose money and rank some days sooner.”

We also asked quite a few other players and it seems that the majority of players do stop after the fourth mission, as they see no benefit on doing the last four missions. Here are a couple of quotes from other players answering our question: Do you think it's worth doing all eight missions?

“No, to be quite frank, although some disagree, I don't feel the missions give that much XP at all. Obviously only the Admin can know if I'm completely wrong. I did Missions 1-4 last round for the cash profit of Mission 1 and bullets from the rest. What with the reset and Mission 1 being altered, I only stick with them to give me a start with buying bullets.”
- Lordwell

“Probably not worth it for the experience, brilliant for learning/exploring the game for new players and a good way to waste away a few hours which is what bootleggers is all about.”
- Altrozero

“No i stopped after jail bust so that i have bullet profit thats it.”
- Winter69

In conclusion, missions do seem to be worth it; players gain bullets and experience from them. However, where you should stop depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for bullets, it seems to be best to stop after completing the fourth mission, as you get the most bullet profit out of it. There is no hard evidence that the missions contribute to your experience, so it might not be worth to do the other four missions just for experience. But as Lordwell said, only the administators know the true amount of experience gained from missions - so do how you please!

Thanks for reading my first Bootleggers buzz article,