Sunday, January 16th, 2011
Issue: 64   Editor: ApocalypticAldarion

A suggestion towards balance Shi

I do not like giving out my name.
I do not like writing articles.
I have nothing to fear but I do not like anybody that doesn't have to to know me.
But I do like my bootleggers balanced.
I do like it fixed.

Over the last years I watched in pain how 1-2k online members went back to 100-200. Reasons for this are plenty, but that is not the concern I am here for today.

Years ago we had 9 states, bullets were scarce and states crowded, perhaps extra states were nice back then, but we were not given that. But today, bullets plenty, states establishments are happy with every sale they are able to make, casinos are barely played on if their maxes are not unlimited and people in state is high by 50 online.

The reason the manual reset is able to go on for so long is included here, there is simply no scarceness of bullets anymore, bullets are plenty so why not use them for no reason at all? Therefore my suggestion would be to tune down the number of states to 3, maybe 4. ideally only 1 or 2 states should be here with the current number of players but that brings other problems aswel. If bullets are not plenty anymore to kill any and everyone surely it must stop somewhere
If bullet factories have to be fought over again, surely a chance will be regain to revolt.

The mechanics of this game have worked through balance made by the limited bullets in the game, nomatter how you look at it. sure, there is also cash, but in the end: bullets could end that all. Let's limit the bullets again, let's limit the casino's again, lets limit the factories again so people have to fight over em like in the old days. Let's return bootleggers to it's old competetive self. In stead of this ranking with the sole purpose to die which we are doing now.

I am Etalon
I have written an article
I fear death and hate
My bootleggers is not balanced
My bootleggers is not fixed.