Sunday, February 19th, 2012
Issue: 1   Editor: Sean

The Urban Uprising Mrstick

Round 7 is now back in full swing and seeing the first few crews pop up is most defintily exciting! We thought this would be a prime time to invite The Urban Uprising crew boss to an interview and to get his views on round 7 and his crew!

First of all I would like to welcome your crew to Bootleggers on behalf of The Buzz! You are officially the second crew to arrive on the stats page! Can I start by asking you where did you get the inspiration for the crew name?

Thank you. In all honesty, the crew name transpired from nothing, me and a few friends was throwing idea's round for crew names, a couple were mentioned including my old crew; Epidemic. But my friend said The Uprising, I told him I'm sure there's been a crew with that name in the past. Then he just posted a few minutes later "The Urban Uprising" and me and my friends instantly took a shine to it, and it's stuck since.

We admit it has got that ring to it! You never know this could be the start of a real sucessful crew and only time will tell!
You mentioned you had a previous crew named "Epidemic", does this mean it's the return of a previous crew using a new identity or a clean slate with new members? Will this be a private or public crew?

Well obviously, a few old members from Epidemic have contacted me and I have invited them into TUU, but for the time being I am keeping it to a invite only crew. This is purely due to us only being able to hold 15 members. As soon as we get a bigger crew slot, recruitment may open to the public.

Good to see existing players still putting in the effort! Keeping your crew private sounds like a tactical and safe bet for now!
I know its early days but do you have any main goals or future plans you wish to implement into your crew?

Yes of course, I don't want to say much about what we have planned because that would ruin the surprise, but obviously, we want to own properties.

A man of few words! This very tactical play but fair play! Property investor aye! Bullet Factories? or just your ordinary run of the mill casino's.
Is your crew out to make allies or enemy's or would this give away any surprises

I think most crews want to own a BF, and we're no different. We don't want to make enemy's - but obviously if trouble arises - we're more than capable to handle ourself.

It sounds like you most defiantly have your game plan set and structured well!
Our last final question, is there any prior crew's you aspire to?

Yes, The Deadly Alliance. I was apart of that crew for a good few years, made great friends and learnt allot about running a crew. I had great advice from people like; Vito, SevenVirtues & also Woody (R.I.P).

If my crew can reach the high standards that TDA set, I would have successfully achieved my goals and will be happy.

Us at The Buzz wish you and your crew all the best and hope you succeed in all your goals!

Thank you for taking the time to have this interview for The Buzz!

Thanks, it's good to see The Buzz & Bootleggers back and alive again. Have a nice day.

Epidemic was founded in 2006 by WestSideGee and an old friend, the crew was changed to Infamous ThugZ for a few months; Infamous ThugZ didnít take too long to become official and hit the stats page for a short lived duration from October 2006 to the December 2006 where the decision was made to sell up and close the crew!
Epidemic returned in 2007 for a very short time of four weeks but WestSideGee lost interest in the game and sold up for the second time! WestSideGee returned to the game properly the following year and decided it would be best to stay with his former crew members in The Deadly Alliance

WestSideGee received a message towards the end of round 5 from his friend MTS asking him if he would like to rectify Epidemic and have another shot at domination and they did and kept the crew alive and on the stats all the way to the end of round 5.

Recently WestSideGee was informed via Facebook that Bootleggers was soon to be going in to Round 7! He thought it would be his one last shot at Bootleggers; After registering and quite quickly receiving messages from former crew members enquiring if Epidemic should return this round but the initial thought was no, because the name had retired, WestSideGee was determined to have another thriving crew on the stats so he set about introducing The Urban Uprising!

This brings us to the current day and The Urban Uprising stand strong on the stats! Only time will tell how long they will stay on the stats page!

- Editor MrStick