Sunday, October 21st, 2012
Issue: 36   Editor: ShyGuyIV

Editors note ShyGuyIV

Good morning and welcome to the 36th Issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

We can all say itís been a boring week! No amazing shootings and no crew which got wiped or insided. Does that mean nothing happened this week? Not exactly, because the one and only BSF2000 was very active this week and launched two new updates this week. He even edited his profile with a juicy Public Enemies picture. Now about the updates, because weíre talking about two small updates. We at The Buzz think itís a start. A start of what? I suggest you read BSF2000ís article, because thereís a new deadline and we might get a new administrator!

So what kind of articles do we have this week? First of all we have a column about one of the new updates; bullets to applicants. We contacted several crew bosses to ask their opinion about this update. We also have an article about the new Bootcast. Several players are currently trying to set up a radio station just for Bootleggers, like the old days! Their first show will be up on Monday 22 October, I suggest you all tune in!

For the past weeks we had a weekly article named Meet The Buzz. Unfortunately every Buzz Writer has been interviewed, so we canít continue with that article. Because we received a lot positive reactions, we wanted to continue this. From now on we will interview a Female player each week; Meet The Female! Our first victim was Vixen and it was a very juicy interview! That wasnít the only interview of this week. Aldo had an interview with the newest Help Desk Operator ShyGuy! And last but not least we have the solutions and the winner of the last Buzz contest; Prison Break.

You might have noticed that the Buzz Team is shrinking lately. In order to publish an even better Buzz, we need more writers! Donít be shy and apply for The Buzz now! Itís a great experience and you definitely wonít regret it. For now, get reading! Thereís not a lot news this week, but you have plenty articles to read! Enjoy the read and have a good Sunday!

Buzz Editor

BSF's 2000 Characters BSF2000

Updates are on the waaaaay!

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Welcome Back Bootcast! iAldo

The return of the Bootcast?!

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And It Was All Yellow! iAldo

An article about the new Help Desk Operator; ShyGuy.

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Meet The Female: Vixen Sorin_Markov

A new weekly article; Meet The Female!

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The Buzz Needs You! ShyGuyIV

Obituaries ShyGuyIV

A way too short list of dead meat!

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Bullets To Applicants: A Crew Update?! Sorin_Markov

A column about the new update; bullets to applicants.

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Updates! ShyGuyIV

The Competition Winner! Sorin_Markov

An exclusive interview with the first person who submitted the correct answers!

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Prison Break - The Solutions ShyGuyIV

The solutions of our last giveaway; Prison Break.

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The Weekly Joke LazyAfty

Mr. Robinson came home in great excitement...

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Game Statistics ShyGuyIV

This weeks game statistics.

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The Buzz Team Is Looking For Writers ShyGuyIV

The Buzz Team ShyGuyIV

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyIV

How Not To Beg! Sheesha

A guide which explains how to make some good money!

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We have a winner and new comic for the week RatFaceRay

The title says it all!

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