Sunday, October 21st, 2012
Issue: 36   Editor: ShyGuyIV

And It Was All Yellow! iAldo

Two Help Desk Operators lost their jobs last week! The reasons are unknown, although we believe it was due to inactivity. Still, the show must go on! That's right I am talking about our very own ShyGuyIV! We at the Buzz decided to have some quality time with our new HDO, with hope that you could learn a little about his current experience and who he is!

First of all we thanked ShyGuy for agreeing to the interview and then congratulated him on his new promotion within the Bootleggers staff ranks! For those of you who do not know, ShyGuy is a player who started playing Bootleggers roughly in around the 2004 period. His real name is Max and he is 20 years old from the Netherlands. When he first started playing, all he really did was OC and bank whatever cash he had on hand. A couple of years passed by and Max joined his first crew Two Weeks Later and was a member of them for a while before pledging his allegiance to The Deadly Alliance. This was one of Max's favourite crews, ever! Returning this round, Max decided to join the Bootleggers Buzz because he, “needed a new challenge!” He then went on to mention that, “I couldn't imagine Bootleggers without the Buzz!” Awww, how sweet!

Enough with that, and let's move on with the interview! We asked Max about how he felt taking on his new role as HDO. He replied, “It was very weird in the beginning, because I never saw my name in yellow. To be really honest, I don't feel really special. I'm a player just like everyone else who is trying to be helpful. I'm still the same guy!” Humble words! We asked Max if he was enjoying his current role after his recent promotion? He told us, “I really enjoy it so far! There are so many new players who are bootmailing me what to do and how to rank up. I love those conversations!” We were glad to know our Editor was providing knowledge to those who had none within our bootlegging careers!

We then went on to ask Max if he was surprised by the offer to become one of the Bootleggers staff team, and put on the yellow jacket? He said, “I really was. Normally a Moderator gets to you and tells you some weird story like; we believe you're cheating. This didn't happen with me. Sky contacted me to talk about The Buzz. He kept on talking and all of sudden he said that the Elite Guard wanted me as a Help Desk Operator. I didn't know what to say!” We asked him how long it took make his decision and to tell Sky he would make the commitment! He told us, “Eight seconds to decide, 90 seconds to reply.” Why 90 seconds? “I didn't know what to say and how to say it! The funny thing is, just when I answered his (Sky) question he said 'you are ruining my first time'. You know what that means? Sky lost his virginity, by a guy!” So Sky is not a virgin anymore! Thanks for clearing that up!

Did Max have any plans for the future, maybe a personal statement to get across now he was a HDO, “A date with Demi Lovato. On Bootleggers? Not really, I'm here to have fun.” Which is fair enough, as a HDO you are still only a player within the community! Although in my personal opinion, (not the Buzz's) Demi Lovato is boring. We then asked Max if he had any advice for those who wanted to step up the staff ladder and wanted to benefit the game by maybe becoming a HDO one day them selves, he said: “A lot people think you can become a Help Desk Operator by joining The Buzz. I won't denie that, although I think it's important to be helpful to players. Cliche? I know.” Is the Buzz really a stepping stone in the path of becoming a HDO, well it would certainly make sense! We had one last question for Max, and that was, if he was given the opportunity, would he give up his playing rights and turn green? He told us: “There are many advantages and disadvantages when you're a Moderator. A very big disadvantage is that you're not allowed to play the game. At this moment I wouldn't take the job.” So that means we won't see a green Max in the coming weeks!

We did have a question for one green man though, we wanted to know why Sky had chose Max out of all the other candidates for the job, he told us, “We really want to avoid the impression that the Buzz is a Help Desk waiting room, but the truth is it shows us the best in the players who contribute to it. It could be that the additional responsibility induces a different kind of attitude in the writers, they take the game a bit more seriously and less seriously at the same time. ShyGuy is a great example of that. When he joined the Buzz he started as the resident enigmatologist, and quickly took on more responsibility, writing serious investigative articles. His ability was obvious and when the position of editor became available he was a natural choice to lead the team. With this position of responsibility his attitude seemed to change, he was visibly helpful in the forums while continuing to contribute greatly to the Buzz. The combination of knowledge of the game as well as clear dedication to his responsibilities showed us he has what it takes to wear a yellow coat.” He also said, “His was the largest bribe!” The Buzz took this as a joke, and we hope it was!

We at the Buzz wish Max the very best of luck in continuing his career as HDO! We also look forward to working with him for many more issues of the Buzz in the future!