Sunday, October 21st, 2012
Issue: 36   Editor: ShyGuyIV

Welcome Back Bootcast! iAldo

Bootcast? Surely you would need a time machine to be able to listen to that again? You're wrong. The Bootcast is set to make a return to Bootleggers, not yet as a full time feature, but that is the aim of the DJ's involved in it! For those of you who are relatively new to Bootleggers and are wondering what this Bootcast feature is, I'm here to explain! The Bootcast was a radio station and a team of dedicated DJ's who performed live sets and spoke live to the rest of the bootlegging community! It really was a lot of fun and added a massive social aspect to the game. I think every one who listened in, enjoyed it! That was the past and this is now, so we at the Buzz spoke to Forbidden, who is one of the DJ's involved, to find out what's going on!

First of all, we thanked Forbidden for agreeing to interview. We first of all explained that there had been many users who had tried to bring back Bootcast over the years with none of them, evidently being successful. Why was he different? “The reasons why people didn't succeed with bringing it back was because of lack of determination, our team are different from any others because we have the determination, drive and skill to achieve this goal.” he said. We at the Buzz noticed Forbidden had told us he had the necessary, “skill” to be a DJ. We wondered if he had any experience in the radio/DJ field? “Yes, after seeing the Bootcast strive and succeed for as long as it was active I wanted to be apart of it so badly so, I set up my own station, broadcasted it to my friends, family and co-workers and it worked for around 6 months, up until the point where work got intense and I had to take it down due to lack of time and other DJ's.” So clearly, he has a lot of experience, maybe he is the right man for the job!

Next up, how long did we have to wait for our beloved Bootcast to return? He said, “Within a couple of weeks, myself, DefiantMonkey and if I'm allowed to say you, are working hard to make sure the bootcast becomes an in-game feature and brings entertainment for the bootleggers community.” That's right, yours truly is a part of the Buzz team, although not as involved as Forbidden and DefiantMonkey I will be playing party tunes into your ears! We at the Buzz would also like to point out that an official date has been set! On Monday the 22nd of October, Bootcast returns, although we aren't aware of the time it will be launched yet! But we certainly are looking forward to it!

On with the interview - what can we expect from the Bootcast team once it does go live? We asked Forbidden, to which he replied, “well, we can't let a lot of information out as it's a surprise for the viewers but I can say this. Daily competitions, giveaways including points and cash prizes, "anything counts" shout outs, such as picture contests in the forums, oc updates, max bet casinos etc. And loads more ideas in the pipeline.” Sounds exciting! We probed a little deeper into what the community can expect from the Bootcast DJ's by asking if they would meet the listeners demands by covering as many genres as possible? He told us, “Yeah, that's one problem and unfortunately will always be a problem in this type of field. You can never please everyone so some people might like the genre of music we might play at one point but then might love the music we play an hour later. We will try our best to cover the most we can by doing schedules I.e. RocknRoll/Metal, RnB/HipHop, Dubstep/House and the chart hits. Although we will be taking requests, to make sure our listeners get the music they want to hear.” Seems like they have got the majority of Genres covered, but with only 3 DJ's, surely recruiting more would help this problem? “Definately, we will always be looking for more DJ's to join the team. At this present time we are looking for 2 or 3 DJ's based in the US as the 3 DJ's we have currently are based in the UK. 5 hours difference can be the point between no listeners and a booming station.” Awesome! So that just about wrapped up everything, we asked Forbidden if there was anything else he would like to add? He told us, “Yes, we have been getting a lot of feedback from the players in the off topic, the feedback is more than what we could of asked for and is motivating us to bring what the people want, The Bootcast. We have Mika backing us with the project, not financially but he wants to see the Bootcast back and will help us anyway we can to achieve this. If anybody has any ideas, questions or just want to have a chat about the radio and/or want to be a dj then please don't hesitate to BM myself, DefiantMonkey and iAldo. Thanks for taking the time to interview me!” You heard the man, if you want to get involved get in touch!

Shortly afterwards, we turned our attention to Mika, to see if he thought that this was a do-able thing? He told us, “It is certainly not impossible. So far the players have set up everything themselves and it seems to be working well. Getting a good listeners base and active DJs who have a lot of uptime would certainly improve the chances of the BootCast returning as a feature. The final decision on whether it is re-added would of course rest with BSF, but if a lot of players are positive then that feedback will most certainly be taken into account. In the end it all depends on listener base and DJ activity and enthusiasm, both as in-game feature as it currently is.” So Mika thinks it's possible, but did he have any advice for the DJ's? “Well, I won't claim DJing to be my specialty, but personally I would like to hear a lot from the DJ. If I want to listen to music I can just turn on a playlist of my own and listen to that. Of course music is a part of the BootCast, I do recognize that. If DJs take requests and play music that is generally more mainstream and combine this with interesting talks and conversation about the game, forums, what is going on for them perhaps, then I think that would attract listeners.” I'm sure the DJ's will take this on board! Finally, we asked if he would be tuning in once Bootcast goes live? He replied with a simple, “I certainly will.” He then went on to wish the DJ's the best of luck and that the listeners would enjoy their upcoming shows!

So we have heard from both Forbidden and Mika and they both seem to be really positive about what role Bootcast could play in Bootleggers future! Because I am a part of the current Bootcast team, I know personally how much effort and how determined we are/have been to make this work! I'm sure not just the Buzz, but every one on Bootleggers hopes that this will be a success, we are eagerly anticipating it!