Sunday, December 16th, 2012
Issue: 44   Editor: ShyGuyV

Editors note ShyGuyV

Welcome to Issue #44 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

This week we havenít seen a lot shootings, but there was definitely some action. Event Horizon is officially at war with J.A.I.L and are now playing underground. A few weeks ago J.A.I.L claimed Pennsylvania bullet factory, which was property of Event Horizon. This happening resulted in the wipe of the cute busting crew J.A.I.L. A few hours later J.A.I.L was able to shoot several accounts of Event Horizon. The Buzz contacted both sides to explain you the full story. J.A.I.L was not the only wiped crew, Triumvirate were also attacked this week.

The discussion about the new CAPTCHA system continued this week! We at the Buzz are always reading the discussions of the Game Forum and we decided to write another article about the new CAPTCHAs. Unfortunately we couldnít write an article about a new feature, because there isnít one! Nevertheless, Sky is doing an amazing job and if we have to believe the latest graphs, the activity on Bootleggers is raising.

So what else do we have in this weekís Issue? We have an article about the December Event, which is being held by the Elite Guard. We also have the weekly article ĎBack in the Daysí. Unfortunately we donít have a Behind the name this week. Last, but not least we also have the results of the first voting round of the Buzz Awards 2012. On behalf of the Buzz Team we would like to thank everyone who voted for their favourite players. However, your job isnít finished yet! This week the final voting round starts. Every category has three nominees. You can find more information about the Buzz Awards in this weekís Issue. The first 50 votes will receive $100,000!

Thatís all for this week. Enjoy the read and have a good Sunday!

Buzz Editor

Buzz Awards - Voting Round 2 iAldo

The Buzz Awards 2012!

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Triumvirate Wiped! Rakdos

Triumvirate wiped by a mysterious Murda-er?!

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The Rage Over CAPTCHAs Lemoncakes

CAPTCHAs; Help or hindrance?

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Event: December Doubles! Pjutters

It's December; time for an event!

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Back In The Days TheWridgelicious

This week featuring; Chaos Mode!

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Obituaries ShyGuyV

RIP to all fallen soldiers!

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Trouble On The Horizon iAldo

An article explaining the recent crew war between J.A.I.L and Event Horizon!

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You Need To Vote! ShyGuyV

Three Guys Sit In A Bar iAldo

The weekly joke!

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Game Statistics ShyGuyV

This weeks game statistics.

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The Buzz Team ShyGuyV

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyV

Modesty A Dying Understanding Versus

The life of an member for The Family.

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New CAPTCHA! TeachMeMaster

Being unable to use mobile phones thanks to the new CAPTCHA!

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Comic R4tFaceRay

He died, but his comics are still alive!

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