Sunday, February 24th, 2013
Issue: 54   Editor: ShyGuyVIII

Editors note ShyGuyVIII

Welcome to Issue #54 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Another Sunday, another Bootleggers Buzz and another usual week on Bootleggers. This week we witnessed several small shootings. Unfortunately we didnít witness any hardcore firework, but the shootings were good enough for some proper articles. So what do we have for you?

To start with, this week we witnessed a shooting by Event Horizon. Their shooter, Cloudkicker, was able to kill several underground shooters of Asura. This shooting resulted in a drop of 1,600,000 bullets. Is this the beginning of something big? Something big? Bigger than a State Don?! Well, this week we witnessed the death of our lovely Illinois State Don Westfalia. Unfortunately our State Don got killed because of the war between Omega Soldiers and Enemy of The State. Ahh well, we already have a new Legendary Don!

That was the news of the week, not a lot action eh? Luckily we have an amazing Buzz Team who are able to write excellent columns. So what kind of columns do we have for you? First of all we have an article regarding the upcoming Achievement feature. Will the feature be on time and if so, how does this new feature works? Our Disney fan, Stitch, was able to write an article about the expectation of this coming feature. What else do we have for you? Well, we have an interesting column about the crew feature. BSF2000 promised a new feature regarding crews. What needs to be changed and what are the consequences of those changes?

Believe it or not, but we have even more articles for you! We have a fancy column about the current rank system. We also have a new weekly article; Community Picks. In this week's issue we have a look into the strategy of players. Do you need a specific strategy to play Bootleggers? Now, we officially reached the end of the content of this weekís issue. Not bad eh?!

Thatís it for this week. Another Sunday and another amazing issue. Thumbs up for the amazing writers, because they were awesome this week. Enjoy the read and have a good Sunday! Oh and before I forget, give us some proper feedback if you hate us!

Buzz Editor

Events on the Horizon! Stitch

A little known story emerged this week, as various Asura-linked account and 1,600,000 bullets were dropped in a small shooting!

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A Real Enemy Of The State?! Typhoon

Bullet factories, a great source of income and therefore a high valued asset. How far would you go to protect whatís yours? What would you put on the line and what would you sacrifice? Read now what happened between Enemy of the State and Omega Soldiers!

Read the entire article...

Anticipating your Achievements Stitch

The promise date of Monday fast approaches, but what do you want to see in the new Achievements feature?

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Crew Update Column TheWridged

TheWridge's vision on how the crew feature can be updated to make crew spots wanted more.

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Community Picks: Strategic! Stitch

The first in my own new 'Community Picks' article series, looks into strategy!

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Join The Buzz Now! ShyGuyVIII

Obituaries ShyGuyVIII

The best weekly article; Obituaries!

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Omega Soldiers: Wiped! Stitch

A lone ranger, or was it? Find out all there is to know on the shootings surrounding Omega Soldiers inside...

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New Achievement?! ShyGuyVIII

That Is Just Rank! Stitch

A closer look at the current ranking system, with a twist here and a turn there!

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Behind the Name: ProfOak Stitch

This weeks Behind the Name candidate was ProfOak. We found out about all things Bootleggers and life!

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Forum Post Of The Week TheWridged

Find out the our favourite forum post of this week!

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3rd Grade Quiz ShyGuyVIII

The weekly joke!

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Game Statistics ShyGuyVIII

This weeks game statistics.

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The Weekly Flash ShyGuyVIII

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:
  • Event Horizon takes action!
    After being killed hundreds of time, Event Horizon decided to kill several underground Asura shooters. The shooter, Cloudkicker, was able to drop 1,600,000 bullets. Auwch, that hurts.

  • War continues?!
    Enemy of The State and Omega Soldiers are officially at war? Both crews are claiming Illinois and Pennsylvania bullet factory. The members of Omega Soldiers are preparing themselves underground. To be continued?!

  • Aaaaaand it's gone!
    After waiting several months, we finally witnessed the promotion of a State Don; Westfalia. Unfortunately he got killed this week. Will he make it to State Don again?!

  • The Buzz presents ''The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records''!
    That's right! Each week we will update you with the highest/lowest/average Organized Crime vault!
    The current highest vault of a one car Organized Crime: $855,266
    The current lowest vault of a one car Organized Crime: $78,346
    The current average vault of a one car Organized Crime: $265,786

    The current highest vault of a two car Organized Crime: $402,872
    The current lowest vault of a two car Organized Crime: $293,677
    The current average vault of a two car Organized Crime: $342,330

    The total amount of stolen money, based on Organized Crimes only, is: $281,696,825
    The average vault for the state Illinois is: $184,424
    The average vault for the state Michigan is: $245,016
    The average vault for the state California is: $298,093
    The average vault for the state New York is: $266,341
    The average vault for the state Colorado is: $254,530
    The average vault for the state Pennsylvania is: $255,964
    The average vault for the state Louisiana is: $296,431
    The average vault for the state Nevada is: $298,409
    The average vault for the state New Jersey is: $294,690

The Buzz Team ShyGuyVIII

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Freelance Articles ShyGuyVIII

Comic for 2/24/2013 R4tFaceRay

A message from RatFaceRay!

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