Sunday, May 19th, 2013
Issue: 66   Editor: ShyGuyXI

Editors note ShyGuyXI

Welcome to Issue #66 of the Bootleggers Buzz

Wanted: Action on Bootleggers. Jesus Christ, we witnessed a depressing week on Bootleggers. We witnessed no shootings at all!!! Does this mean a storm is on the way or is this the proof of the inactivity on Bootleggers? A good question, just as the Buzz Poll this week. This week we asked your opinion about rewarding certain players on Bootleggers, such as: Buzz Writers and Help Desk Operators. Once again, the poll resulted in an interesting discussion. Thanks to all who posted in the topic and contributed in the discussion! Alright, let’s move on with the content of this week’s issue!

Since there is no news in this week’s issue, we only have some amazing columns for you. The first column is about the political motivation on Bootleggers. Politics on Bootleggers?! Definitely, go read the entire article if you do not believe me. Anything else interesting this week? Well, this week we had a conversation with BettyB, Boss of Event Horizon. She is hated my many, but she is still here. What happened to Event Horizon and what are her future plans on Bootleggers? So, that’s it. Already?! It has been a boring week, which resulted in a short issue. You know what to do! Go shoot some players and we will give you a story! I hope you enjoy the read and have a good Sunday!

Buzz Editor

Political Motivations? Agrippa

The current demographic of the round is largely undeniable. However how do we find ourselves in this current set-up? Is is a reflection of character that crews operate in the what which they do? Well...

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The Chat #8 Agrippa

This weeks edition of the Chat sees us include a crew Boss whom at one point was a weekly feature of the Buzz with her crew being one of the most talked about ones of the early stages of the round. But who do we refer to when we say this? Take a read and find out!

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Forum Post Of The Week Agrippa

Time to get drunk? If you follow the guidelines, more than likely.

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Behind The Name ShyGuyX

Each week we interview two random players of Bootleggers. The victim of this week’s issue: SneakBiteV6 and Skanks4TheBust!

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Five Brothers ShyGuyXI

The Weekly Joke!

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A Reward For Dedication? ShyGuyXI

Every week the Buzz Team organises a poll of a Bootleggers related subject. The Poll of this week: Buzz Writers and/or Help Desk Operators deserve game-play benefits for their dedication to the game.

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ADVERTISEMENT: Making Pictures AlexanderZuis

Once Upon A Time ShyGuyX

What happened exactly a few years ago?

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Game Statistics ShyGuyX

This weeks game statistics.

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Obituaries ShyGuyX

A list of all the players who died this week!

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The Buzz Is Looking For Writers ShyGuyX

The Weekly Flash ShyGuyX

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:
  • Grannies Russian Roulette
    This week Mika organised a Russian Roulette. When the game was full, the lovely host decided to go to the Gym. Awesome joke, but wait... He killed the entire Buzz Team!

  • A boring week
    With only 62 deaths, we can officially write that it has been an extremely boring week on Bootleggers. Do something about it!

  • The Buzz presents ''The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records''!
    That's right! Each week we will update you with the highest/lowest/average Organized Crime vault!
    The current highest vault of a one car Organized Crime: $859,250
    The current lowest vault of a one car Organized Crime: $74,818
    The current average vault of a one car Organized Crime: $258,978

    The current highest vault of a two car Organized Crime: $353,520
    The current lowest vault of a two car Organized Crime: $306,948
    The current average vault of a two car Organized Crime: $330,234

    The total amount of stolen money, based on Organized Crimes only, is: $293,046,486
    The average vault for the state Illinois is: $173,551
    The average vault for the state Michigan is: $244,602
    The average vault for the state California is: $231,744
    The average vault for the state New York is: $295,900
    The average vault for the state Colorado is: $263,187
    The average vault for the state Pennsylvania is: $297,672
    The average vault for the state Louisiana is: $295,520
    The average vault for the state Nevada is: $261,144
    The average vault for the state New Jersey is: $271,975

The Buzz Team ShyGuyX

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyX

Rat's Comic R4tFaceRay

RatFaceRay's weekly comic!

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